Ryland Adams Breaks Silence on Shane Dawson Controversy

A few weeks ago, the internet went through a phase of canceling the major YouTubers and influencers. One of the people in the cancellation was Shane Dawson, the former king of YouTube. This was because a lot of his old content was resurfacing which was problematic due to its racist and pedophilic tones. There was also the beauty community scandal where Tati Westbrook alleged that he and Jeffree Star orchestrated the cancellation of James Charles. Many lost their faith in their favorite YouTuber, Shane Dawson. He, himself, has not addressed these issues. But his fiancé Ryland Adams is now addressing the entire situation and also sharing his own personal journey involving meditation.

Ryland Adams thinks we shouldn’t cancel Shane Dawson anymore

In a very articulate manner, Ryland Adams says he does acknowledge how Shane’s old content has offended and hurt viewers. He further shares that he did not insert himself into the drama early on because he didn’t want to add or fuel the negative energy circling around the issue:

“I understand that Shane’s made highly insensitive and offensive jokes, and I know that while they were far in his past, it’s hard to separate that person from who he is today — especially when seeing them in real time and your feelings are being hurt right now”

But Ryland Adams says that he knows Shane Dawson from now and that he’s the most genuine and caring person he has ever met. Hence, he is hoping that people can give Shane a chance to grow from his problematic past:

“At some point, I hope that we can champion change and growth over canceling someone altogether, or going for the absolute worst on the internet.”

Ryland highlights Shane’s growth in his new content for YouTube

He also adds that the growth of Shane is evident from his YouTube videos. Ryland Adams shared that when he met Shane, he was making comedy videos about food. Then Shane transformed his content into making documentaries on YouTube.

People have still pointed out that Shane Dawson’s documentaries have featured controversial YouTubers such as Jake Paul and Jeffree Star. But to this Ryland Adams hopes:

“Everyone has something in their past that they’re not proud of. But I don’t think that takes away from the incredible content he has put out over the years.”

Ryland Adams continues his video by sharing his own experience of meditation. The YouTuber explained that he and Shane were going through a lot during these months but he was trying meditation to cope with it. It was a success for Ryland and he’ll continue doing it. Moreover, he also shared how he used to be in the past and a brief summary of how his career transformed from wanting to be an actor to becoming a host on Clevver News and then ultimately becoming a YouTuber.

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