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Ryland Adams and Shane Dawson planning to have a kid

After Shane Dawson faced multiple controversies over his past problematic jokes and content, he took some time off the internet. While Shane planned not to make an appearance on social media, Ryland launched a podcast with his friend, Lizzie Gordon. Slowly, Shane is returning to social media and YouTube by making appearances on Ryland’s YouTube channel. And they both announced that they are planning on having a kid together!

As we all know Shane Dawson is an American YouTuber, actor, and director. And he has been with Ryland Adams for a very long time. He proposed to his boyfriend, Ryland on the third anniversary of their first date. There were some controversies about Shane Dawson as well. Apparently, Dawson posted a video in 2013 in which he made a p*dophilia joke. The video resurfaced on the internet in 2020. The YouTuber did apologize for his comments. He said in his apology video:

I am sorry that I used to make really shitty fu*king jokes… Back in the day… I loved the feeling of making somebody shocked and laugh because they couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth.

However, his involvement in the James Charles x Tati Westbrook drama (Tati alleging that Shane and Jeffree manipulated her in order to ruin James Charles’ image) also led to many people losing their faith in him. He was labelled problematic and manipulative and many didn’t like his association with controversial YouTuber Jeffree Star.

Are Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams having a baby?

Shane’s fiancé, Ryland, posted a video on his YouTube channel which was titled ‘cooking my boyfriend’s favorite meal’. It was a 40-minute video in which the couple revealed that they are having a baby together.

After 10 minutes of video, Ryland holds a baby shirt in front of the camera which has ‘Cabo’ written over it. While holding the shirt, Ryland says:

A baby shirt because we want to have a kid so if we start putting it out into the world with our purchases, it will come true.

Shane Dawson

Ryland’s sister, Morgan Adams, is also in the video and after Ryland says that he and Shane want to have a baby, she asks who is going to have their child.

To which he replies:

That we do not know yet. We are thinking about it but like this is our first step into like putting energy into the world about wanting to have a kid. So we got a little baby cabo shirt.

The YouTuber then shows more of the things that he got like cute Margarita glasses and a painting of dolphins. Ryland also cooks Shane’s favorite meal his in the video.

Let’s see if this ends up happening!