Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes | Trouble In Paradise?

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes | Trouble In Paradise?

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes might be having marriage problems. Reports suggest that the couple had a public argument during a recent drive.

Things might not be looking that rosy for Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. If tabloid reports are to be believed, the couple had a public argument during a recent drive. And that too with their children in the car. Gosling and Mendes are known to be very a very private couple, which is why there are serious speculations of mistrust.

A public bust-up between Gosling and Mendes

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes | Trouble In Paradise?
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According to a tabloid news outlet, the two were spotted driving in town, but they did not look normal at all. In fact, they looked “hostile”, “tired and tense”. Moreover, Eva Mendes is known to rarely go out with Ryan Gosling at all. Using that information, the article deduced that:

“Eva’s reclusive nature has caused simmering tensions between the pair, who are at breaking point… The fact that she was seen in public with him looking openly hostile is a huge deal.”

However, what is the cause of this recent hostility between the couple? Well, according to the insider, it may have to do with Ryan Gosling’s association with Emma Stone.

Could it be an old love triangle?

Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone La La Land
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The insider claims that “Ryan’s ‘heartthrob’ status” is a cause for concern for Eva Mendes. And specifically, she has a problem with Gosling’s collaborations with Emma Stone over the past few years, most famously La La Land. As a result of their incredible on-screen chemistry, the insider says that Eva:

“…always accuses (Gosling) of wanting more from (Stone), or worse, of something happening between them on set.”

However, Gossip Cop analyzed that this rumor is just untrue. They have previously debunked a lot of rumors surrounding Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as well. There was especially one when Gosling and Stone were promoting their movie and hanging around at the Academy Awards. However, there was no truth in this then, and it looks like there isn’t any now.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’s latest photograph doesn’t show hostility

Now, when we look at the photographs of Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes while driving, we don’t really see any hostility. Instead, we see Gosling half-smiling while looking at Mendes, who appears to be sharing something with her husband. This photo shows no proof of an argument at all. And the insider that claims to have leaked the information doesn’t seem reliable.

It is no secret that the couple is a very secretive one. Therefore, they will never willingly give out information about their personal lives to anyone who would sell it to tabloid news. Therefore, this “insider” looks extremely unreliable and this news can easily be treated like baseless tabloid gossip.

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