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Rose McGowan Tells Black Lives Matter Protesters To Keep Fighting

Rose McGowan Tells Black Lives Matter Protesters To Keep Fighting

With the Black Lives Matter protesters fighting for their rights after George Floyd's killing, Rose McGowan encourages them to keep on fighting.

The Black Lives Matter Movement is at the forefront of every news channel in America. Millions of people are out on the streets fighting for the black community and against police brutality. Moreover, celebrities are also speaking out in favor of them. Similarly, Rose McGowan also sided with the protesters, telling them to “fight for it”.

Rose McGowan encourages BLM using Star Wars video game

It’s no secret that McGowan is against all forms of oppressive systems around the world. She is one of the leading figures in the #MeToo movement and regularly speaks for the oppressed. Therefore, it was expected that she would have a similar stance on Black Lives Matter, and she did not disappoint. In a recent tweet, Rose McGowan shared a GIF from Star Wars: Battlefront video game and wrote:

Keep going, no matter what, keep going. You can change the world. So do it. Fight for it!

Here is the GIF that McGowan shared, where Luke Skywalker was fighting Darth Vader in the video game.

And interestingly enough, it is quite an apt description of what is happening right now in America. The Black Lives Matter movement is a lot like the Rebellion, fighting against the evil American empire, led by Emperor Donald Trump. Moreover, we live in such funny times that all of this doesn’t even seem far fetched. Rose McGowan used the perfect GIF!

Black Lives Matter

Just yesterday, the music industry and most of social media observed Blackout Tuesday. It was a campaign intended to raise awareness over the Black Lives Matter movement, but it did receive some backlash. Artists like Lil Nas X did not support it, saying that it instead damaged the movement by preventing people from sharing information.

Currently, millions of people around the United States are on the streets. This is because outraged over centuries of racism in the US and the thousands of black Americans like George Floyd who are a victim of police brutality. Therefore, Rose McGowan encouraged them to fight on!