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Rose McGowan Calls Out Buzzfeed's Shameful Reporting Of Tara Reade

Rose McGowan Calls Out Buzzfeed’s Shameful Reporting Of Tara Reade

Rose McGowan calls out Buzzfeed for their shameful reporting of Tara Reade and her allegations of sexual assault on Joe Biden.

Rose McGowan is one of the biggest advocates of the #MeToo movement. In fact, she was one of the loudest voices to take down Harvey Weinstein and played a pivotal role in his conviction. But, that wasn’t the end of her activism. She continues her fight and this time calls out Buzzfeed’s reporting for Tara Reade and her allegations of sexual assault!

Rose McGowan tweets screenshots of her conversation with Buzzfeed

It started with Buzzfeed, who contacted McGowan for an interview with regards to their piece on Tara Reade. However, McGowan expressed her “disgust” to the writers when the piece was published. Rose McGowan shared screenshots of her conversation with the writers on her Twitter account. The part of the piece that McGowan took offense to stated:

Rose McGowans Calls Out Buzzfeed For Their Shameful Reporting Of Tara Reade 2

When Buzzfeed said they couldn’t understand how the piece failed to contextualize her, she replied:

Yes, it’s not my years of screen work, my NYT best selling autobiography and audiobook, Brave, it’s not my tireless advocacy forum human empowerment that contextualizes me. What doesn’t contextualize me is that I demanded a small amount of money so I could trick Harvey Weinstein into signing a paper that acknowledged something bad happened so when I took him down in the future I’d have evidence.

McGowan took offence at how instead of mentioning her advocacy and writings, Buzzfeed chose to mention her settlement with Harvey Weinstein. It plays a role in discrediting her activism and as a result, threatens Tara Reade’s credibility too.

Tara Reade recently came forward with her claims of being sexually assaulted by the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Since then, McGowan has spoken loudly in favour of Reade at every platform. So much so, that she openly called Alyssa Milano a fraud for her constant support of Joe Biden, despite the accusations.

Rose McGowan definitely let the writers at Buzzfeed know of her discontent over their content. Here are the screenshots of the chat that McGowan shared on Twitter:

Rose McGowans Calls Out Buzzfeed For Their Shameful Reporting Of Tara Reade
Rose McGowan’s Official Twitter Account

In her Tweet, McGowan mentioned how the media “shames survivors by choosing how to ‘contextualize’ them“. This here is the tweet:

The criticism is valid

Rose McGowan has a point in that she should not be reduced to the sexual assault and trauma that she faced. While Buzzfeed was merely reporting the facts objectively, they chose to focus too much on one aspect of her career. This is something the media should be wary of since the reporting creates a certain image in the readers’ minds. Reducing women to their assault and abuse is something we should all avoid.

Rose McGowan has a lot of significant successes in her career as an actor, writer, and activist. The article should have focused on that. Instead, it looked as if by mentioning the settlement, it discredited Tara Reade’s claims. Therefore, Rose McGowan’s criticism was valid, to say the least.

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