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#RIPGabbieHanna trends as YouTuber Gabbie Hanna death hoax scares fans!

A recent death hoax Famous YouTuber Gabbie Hanna really scared the fans as #RIPGabbieHanna started trending on Twitter. Here's what happened.

It feels like the celebrity death hoax is the new trend on social media. After false rumors of Sebastian Stan’s death spread on Twitter a few days ago, it seems YouTuber Gabbie Hanna has also become a victim of a similar trend. #RIPGabbieHanna started trending on Twitter after the YouTuber’s death hoax spread around on social media, scaring her fans.

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Gabbie Hanna is alive and well. Here’s where the #RIPGabbieHanna trend started from

#RIPGabbieHanna trends as YouTuber Gabbie Hanna death hoax scares fans!

After shooting to popularity on the short-form video app Vine, Gabbie shifted to YouTube as her primary platform. There, she amassed an impressive 5.6 million followers during her time there. She has released several songs throughout this time, along with releasing poetry books. However, despite her productivity, she has been in the midst of controversy over the past year, especially on TikTok.

Therefore, Gabbie’s fans got a lot confused as #RIPGabbieHanna began trending on Twitter on the 31st of May. Her fans immediately began worrying that something may have happened to the YouTuber. However, they soon realized that it was a trend based on false rumors and that the social media star is completely fine. The hashtag was filled with memes and viral videos, and nothing sinister. Here are some of the viral tweets under the trend:

Some even shared an alleged screengrab of Gabbie Hanna threatening the user apparently responsible for starting a trend with a lawsuit:

Thankfully, Gabbie is alive and well and was active on social media as the tweets were being posted. However, she hasn’t yet commented on the trend as of yet. Moreover, many of her fans were understandably upset, as they commented “this is not okay” and “gross” under the coverage of the hashtag.

Moreover, Gabbie Hanna is not the only YouTuber to have false death rumors and hoaxes going viral on Twitter. Minecraft YouTuber Dream also went through a similar ordeal back in December,

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