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RIP Sebastian Stan trends on Twitter after false rumor of actor's death spread online

RIP Sebastian Stan trends on Twitter after false rumor of actor’s death spread online

Recently, RIP Sebastian Stan started trending on Twitter after false rumors of the actor's demise spread on social media websites. Here's what happened.

In recent weeks, Sebastian Stan has been a star on social media. He has trended several times for his looks as well as his phenomenal work on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. However, recently his name trended for some seemingly sinister reasons. The actor’s name went viral on Twitter after false rumors spread online of his death. But the supposed origin of that rumor was actually quite different.

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Sebastian Stan is alive and well, but where did the trend start from?

RIP Sebastian Stan trends on Twitter after false rumor of actor's death spread online
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Famous for playing Bucky Barnes in the MCU, Sebastian Stan has quite a massive following on social media. His amazing looks and witty humor make sure that he always entertains fans. And after the Disney+ show, Stan’s name was everywhere. His bromance with Anthony Mackie made him pretty much the perfect fuel for fans to ogle on. And although most of his fans are well-natured, some managed to do something menacing.

Recently, #RIPSebastianStan began trending on Twitter which sparked false rumors of the actor’s demise. Although the origins of the trend are unclear, some fans speculate that some user dug up an old I, Tonya joke that Stan made back in 2017 which was quite distasteful. Stan had apologized for that, but apparently, the user wanted to have the actor canceled for those comments. However, what ended up happening was that people misconstrued that Sebastian Stan had actually died. Many fans were distraught and hurriedly searched on social media if their favorite actor had died or not. Thankfully, they realized soon he was fine. That said, the trend did bring up some incredible memes. Here are some of them:

Despite these memes, it wasn’t funny for many of Stan’s fans who actually thought he passed away. Some fans also claimed that Stan had apparently liked some problematic post or said something racist or homophobic in a meeting. However, there doesn’t seem to be any explicit proof of any such comment by Sebastian Stan. Therefore, it looks like this trend will remain an audacious cancellation attempt, which was fallacious at its core.

This is just one of many examples of how fake news and false reports spread like wildfire, especially when they have such an eye-catching trend. Therefore, one should always be vigilant about what they see and believe on social media. It also further raises questions about whether cancel culture really is getting out of hand or not.

In other news, Sebastian Stan didn’t really get a lot of time to celebrate the success of his recent Marvel show. He immediately got into filming for Pam & Tommy, which is an upcoming Hulu series.

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