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Rihanna Gets Backlash For Her T-Shirt - Fans Accuse Her Of Being A Republican

Rihanna gets backlash for her T-shirt – Fans accuse her of being a Republican

The internet is a weird place. Only yesterday, everyone was praising Rihanna for featuring trans models for the Savage x Fenty show. However, things have changed since then. Recently, Riri was spotted wearing a shirt that is going viral. According to many people, the shirt means she supports Republicans. At the same time, some people believe she expressed her support for Nicki Minaj. However, her fans are not having and defending the singer.

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Last week, RiRi showcased her third Savage x Fenty show

When she isn’t making music, Rihanna is busy working on her lingerie and makeup line, Savage x Fenty. In order to showcase her line’s third volume, she organized a fashion show which premiered on Amazon Prime. While there were many big names like Gigi Hadid and Vanessa Hudgens, people praised the singer for an important reason. Her show featured models of different body types, genders, and racial backgrounds. Many trans stars like Indya Moore and Laverne Cox have praised RiRi for an inclusive and diverse show. While talking about it, Rihanna said:

“I’d be an idiot to want to exclude anyone. I don’t care what size you are, what race you are, what religion you come from. I want you to feel like you are represented here.”

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Few days back, Rihanna was out and about but it was her shirt which went viral

Recently, Rihanna was spotted in New York at night. For her outfit, she chose a graphic t-shirt with the phrase ‘Think while it’s still legal’ and gold boots. While it was a basic outfit, it raised some eyebrows. Shortly after her pictures came out, people started talking about how the shirt represents Republican Party. At the same time, people accused her of defending Nicki Minaj. Earlier this month, Minaj made headlines with her crazy theories about vaccination. While Rihanna did not express her support for her, people assumed it based on her t-shirt.

Shortly after her pictures came out, the internet lit up with backlash.

As always, Twitter had a field day with Rihanna and her t-shirt. While many accused her of being a Republican, others admitted that it’s just a t-shirt. On Twitter user said:

Most celebrities are Republicans, they have to be to protect their wealth

Meanwhile, another user said:

It’s giving republican, trump loving, antivax, pretending to be a regular person while being a billionaire ass fit ……. Trash

On the other hand, she had plenty of supporters too. According to one Twitter user:

I think a certain group thinks that, for certain purposes
I didn’t see this and think Rihanna was anti vaccine because she runs a huge business and has already supported getting the vaccines idk where this energy is coming from…i guess the shirt

At the same time, people cleared that Rihanna is a supporter of vaccines:

Didn’t she have someone removed from her tour or something for not agreeing with the vaccine. Seems pretty much the opposite of that shirt.

Furthermore, many people believed it to be a non-issue as it’s just a t-shirt.

While it may just be a t-shirt, it’s important to see how one small gesture from a celebrity like Rihanna can become a big deal.

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