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RiceGum & Gabbie Hanna in talks for a boxing match?!

Yes, you heard that right! It appears that Gabbie Hanna and RiceGum, aka Bryan Quang Le, will be fighting in the ring. Out of all the YouTubers who have become part-time boxers, such as Logan Paul, we never thought we would get a chance to see Gabbie Hanna and RiceGum.

How it all started!

Well, a famous influencer posted a tweet asking if anyone wanted to fight her in a ring. She’s closely associated with Jake Paul and Logan Paul, who started the trend of influencers coming into the boxing ring. Well, the request was answered by Gabbie Hanna (among other YouTubers).

Soon after, Keemstar made a joke about Gabbie and RiceGum fighting each other.

And surprisingly enough, Gabbie Hanna didn’t mind at all! Perhaps because of her old rivalry with RiceGum. In 2017, she accused RiceGum of assaulting her physically at a party. Gabbie was snapping pictures and videos of RiceGum as a joke, and he didn’t want that online. He asked her to stop but she didn’t. So, he aggressively took her phone away from her and smashed it. RiceGum denies physically hurting her but does admit to smashing her phone. He also paid for the damages (but there’s a disagreement between the two as it was fair compensation or not).

Gabbie still maintains that he physically assaulted her.

It turns out that RiceGum is also interested in the offer!

Now, coming to 2021. RiceGum and Gabbie Hanna had a text conversation discussing the possibility of fighting with each other in the ring. The text messages were shown in a live stream by RiceGum!

He asks Gabbie:

Yo, set up that boxing match with me.

To which Gabbie replies:

I’ve deada** thought about it and figured there would be 0% chance you’d be down

With RiceGum linking Gabbie’s 2017 Snapchat Stories, he says:

You said it in this video. People would go crazy $$$.

With Gabbie Hanna replying:

Damn, sure did, I forgot about that. I’m open to exploring it and getting some rates / offers.

This certainly is a surprise for Gabbie Hanna and RiceGum to fight it out in the ring. But it would be interesting to see a female influencer fight a male one.

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