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Real reason behind Josh Richards & Nessa Barrett breakup?

On June 18, 2020, Josh Richards shared a video on his YouTube, confirming that he broke up with his girlfriend Nessa Barrett. The video was shot by him and Nessa for their fans. And the fans were really sad over the news. In the video titled We Broke Up, Josh and Nessa shared the reason why they were breaking up. Mostly because they were too young to be that serious, and they wanted to get mature. Moreover, both are focusing on their careers as well since Nessa has moved to LA. But, was that really the actual reason of their breakup?

Easter Eggs (?) from the breakup video

It was obvious that Nessa Barrett was not comfortable shooting the breakup video with Josh Richards, after they broke up. Josh teased her if she had her makeup on so that she wouldn’t cry. But, surprisingly, Nessa claps back at him saying she had a shoot planned for the day. But then Josh contacted her and she had to come over and shoot the breakup video.

Josh Richards also left a warning message for Nessa’s future boyfriends that he’ll hit them with a bat. Throughout the video, there were times when you could see both Nessa and Josh getting teary-eyed.

How is Nessa Barrett doing after the breakup?

Many fans have seen that Nessa Barrett was crying after the breakup video went viral. She has even confirmed that Josh Richards will always have her heart, no matter what.


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#nessabarrett letting us know☹️

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She also posted this on her Instagram. However, the caption is changed from “always you” to “before love came to kill us”.


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before love came to kill us

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The same post was recently shared by Nessa Barrett on her IG stories with the updated caption, followed by this post:


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ur to blame

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In short, Josh Richards left Sway House to focus on his musical career. And Nessa Barrett left Josh to focus on her musical career. But she is still hurting and her pre-announcement tweets were giving a sign that it was Josh who broke up with her. (I’m confused). Both of them also shared official statements vide People Magazine.

The breakup seems mutual. But what’s more confusing is this Instagram post where Josh Richards is promoting Chase Hudson’s merch, while calling it Sway merch.


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Get your sway merch link in bio

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Josh Richards and Chase Hudson have a history which led to Josh releasing a diss track. But it seems like they are hanging out together again since Josh is using Hype House gym these days. (as per his TikToks).

Will Jessa be back together again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.