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Rachel Kiki Reveals she was groomed at 15 by asdf movie animator RageNineteen aka Jamie Spencer Lewis

Rachel Kiki Reveals she was groomed at 15 by asdf movie animator RageNineteen aka Jamie Spencer Lewis

YouTuber, photographer, and actor Rachel Kiki has shared her story of how she was groomed at 15 by British animator and voice actor, Jamie Spencer Lewis who also goes by RageNinteen. Lewis was 28 when he started grooming Rachel Kiki and took advantage of her and had inappropriate relations with her.

Jamie Spencer Lewis is most popular for being associated with asdf movies 2 and 3 where he served as an animator. He has also been the voice actor for Eddsworld in its latest seasons.

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Rachel Kiki details her grooming and sexual assault story

She explains that the grooming started when she was just 15 and a fan of Jamie Spencer Lewis. At the time, he was a popular animator, YouTuber and had a social media following. They became friends when she was 15 and he was dating a friend of hers at the time.

Though, he broke up with that friend and got closer with Rachel Kiki. She shares that when she turned 16, he kissed her.

In October, he kissed me for the first time. I was 16 -barely. (My Birthday is October 3rd). I did not think anything of it- in fact, I was probably quite excited. When you’re at that age, all you really want is to be seen as an adult. But you are not an adult. You are a child. He was 28 years old at this point. He knew I was a fan of the things he worked on. The power dynamic lay not only on the age difference but in the fact that I looked up to him.

Kiki elaborates that things between them progressed at a fast rate and soon she began a s*xual relationship with him.

I would miss school to ‘sleep over’ at his. He was an alcoholic, severely depressed, and emotionally abusive. He would give me whiskey and beer before having s*x with me, almost every night. And He would send me pictures of him cutting himself, and threaten to hurt himself. He would get blackout drunk and be cruel with me. I would wake up to him already having s*x with me, despite me being practically unconscious.

She further talked about how she would often pay for his Ubers to get him home when he would be too drunk. Rachel Kiki also reveals that he would solicit n*de pictures from her. He would also talk about how having s*xual relations with Rachel would remind him of his ex-girlfriend (who they both knew).

I had never felt so used. He told me to not tell people about us. He lied to our mutual friends about our relationship. I did not know this until recently. We did not ‘go on dates’. There was nothing romantic. He used me purely for s*x.

Rachel Kiki explains how she finally got out of the abusive relationship

She explained that her health and mental state began to weaken and deteriorate and her family and friends started to notice this. Kiki understood that he was sick but she says that she wanted to help him at the time.

A few months in, I began to deteriorate. My friends noticed. My parents noticed. I became incredibly anxious, withdrew from social life, rejected the help a few of my friends were trying to give me. I knew he was sick. And I guess I wanted to help him; I, as a 16 year old, found myself trying to book GP appointments for a 28 year old man. He would lash out at me, reject the help of those around him, and continue.

Rachel Kiki ultimately realized after a year of enduring abuse that this had to end. She immediately cut ties with him and stopped talking to him. But he did not respect her decision and continued to harass and scare her.

He continued to harass me for the following five years. I have it on record that I am not the only person he has harassed following someone choosing to leave his life. He does not understand boundaries, and evidently never has.In 2018, he even WhatsApp messaged me telling me that ‘he loved me’. He tried to call me when he was drunk multiple times, until I blocked his number.

She explained that the effects of the grooming and the assault she endures led to her developing mental health struggles.

I was diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder. And I had panic attacks daily. I couldn’t face it, any of it, because I was so scared of him.

Kiki explains why she made the grooming story public

Rachel Kiki explained at the beginning of her note that she tried to ‘repress’ everything that she went through by drugs and other measures. However, the pain and its effects were still very much there.

Lewis also continued to harass her on Twitter and often tweeted at her. She blocked him, but he would often reply to her tweets. She muted him as well. But recently, he replied to Kiki’s post about grooming with a GIF and that led to her decision to reveal what had happened between the two.

She also shared the news that she was one month sober now and is able to understand and face what had happened.

I had my adolescence robbed from me. I have spoken to people who were around at the time who bore witness to this, who were on the receiving end of his lies. And I am going to heal now, but I will never be able to forget what he did to me. I’d like to thank my friend Oliver, who was the only person at the time who bluntly tried to pull me out of it

Rachel Kiki also shared a positive and inspirational message to other survivors:

For those of you have experienced something similar – I’m sorry. It’s not your fault.

At the end of the note, she addressed Jamie Lewis Spencer directly and told him to never contact her again and warned that if he did so, he would be facing legal action. Moreover, Kiki urged everyone to not hire him or work with him as he’s a threat and danger to women and children.

Here’s her post on Twitter:

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673) or visit their website to receive confidential support.

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