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How Quentin Tarantino's Actresses Feel about his Foot Fetish

How Quentin Tarantino’s Actresses Feel about his Foot F*tish

It's no hidden secret that Quentin Tarantino has a foot fetish, made obvious by his films. But what do his actresses have to say about it? Let's find out.

If you’ve watched enough Quentin Tarantino films, it’s likely that you’re well aware of his weird foot f*tish. That’s because that f*tish of his has also found its way into his films. In almost every Tarantino film, there has been one scene where the lead actress displays her feet. Now we know Tarantino’s love for feet, but what do the actresses working for him feel about it?

Quentin Tarantino’s foot f*tish is no hidden secret

From outrageous violence, excellent soundtracks, and no control on profanities, Quentin Tarantino is a director who is an expert at making cult classics. Moreover, he prefers to use a recurring list of actors in his film, who have worked under him in multiple movies. And then, we have a mandatory scene of the actress’s feet, who get a lot of screen time in his films.

And it all began with Pulp Fiction. In that movie, Uma Thurman was practically barefoot throughout the film. At first, many overlooked it as some sort of weird habit Tarantino gave the character. However, with Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2, it started to become more obvious. In Death Proof, Kurt Russel even licked Rosario Dawson’s feet. In Inglourious Basterds, we saw Diane Kruger’s feet being slipped into the heel she left behind at the tense Nazi shootout. Even in his latest blockbuster film, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino didn’t shy away from making it obvious that he has a feet f*tish.

In fact, in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, both Margot Robbie and Margaret Qualley displayed their feet up close on the screen for a considerable time. But, what do the actresses who display their feet in his movies have to say about Tarantino’s alleged foot f*tish?

Margaret Qually was mortified about showing her feet on the big screen

Initially, Margaret Qually thought it was a bad idea for her to showcase her feet on the silver screen. She told IndieWire:

I genuinely was like, ‘Quentin, this is a bad idea. I don’t have good feet.’ I was in pointe shoes for far too long to have toes that can be shown to the world.

Even Brad Pitt joined in with Tarantino in convincing Qualley, but she was persistent:

We had a big debate about it, me, Quentin, and Brad, with them trying to be like, ‘You’re fine,’ and me being like, ‘No, guys, really, look, these are not good. I know that I undermine myself pretty regularly, but I’m genuinely telling you these are not good feet, look at these. I know I’m self-deprecating, but I’m not being in this particular instance’.

In the end, Qualley gave in to Quentin Tarantino’s demands. But, it actually helped her feel better about her feet, as she said:

I used to actually be pretty mortified with my feet. Maybe I can finally just give up that now.

Well, at least Quentin Tarantino’s obsession with feet gave Margaret Qualley a lot of self-confidence about her feet.

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Tarantino denied having a foot f*tish in front of Diane Kruger, but she knew

How Quentin Tarantino's Actresses Feel about his Foot Fetish
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Diane Kruger was not at all creeped out by how much Quentin Tarantino was obsessed with women’s feet. In fact, she had some fun with Tarantino’s denial. She told

The true story is that I did not know about his apparent foot thing (laughs). When I first got the job, I was interviewed by some journalist, and he said ‘So, have you read the foot scene yet?’ and he filled me in on this whole thing. I was like ‘Wow, I didn’t know that’. So the day comes and I go ‘Quentin, are you excited? Today’s the foot day. Good day at work, huh’? And (he) said, ‘Oh, it’s all made up. Don’t even think that that’s true. It’s all made up by media.’ ‘Oh, okay.’ Six close-ups later on my foot and not on my face, and I say, ‘Sure, sure thing, Quentin.’ So, I don’t know. You ask him.

She was asked if she made sure she got a pedicure before the scenes involved with the feet, to which she responded:

I made sure? He (Quentin Tarantino) made sure. Are you kidding me? And my foot has never looked better, ever.

He denied it to Uma Thurman as well

Uma Thurman has also been a regular star of Tarantino’s films. And she agrees with Kruger that Tarantino denied in front of her having a foot f*tish as well. While talking to The Irish Examiner, she said:

Well, it started in Pulp Fiction with that foot massage speech. He denies his foot f*tish, but he’s accused of it regularly. I don’t think it’s me in particular. Many people commented during Kill Bill that he could release a whole version entirely on the foot-shots that he took of all the actors, shoed, un-shoed.

As far as we’re concerned, we don’t know how to feel about Quentin Tarantino’s foot f*tish. But, it’s good to know that he never made the actresses that worked under him weird or creeped out. And he also gave them a confidence boost about their feet, which I’m sure they cherish to some degree to this day.

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