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Queen Elizabeth II Is Not Dying Of Cancer | Queen Rumor Debunked

Around a year ago, we read a rumor that Queen Elizabeth is dying due to cancer. The picture we all got to see was of Queen’s bruised hand while standing for some ceremony. Now, the Queen of Britain has isolated herself at Windsor Castle. Fortunately, the reason for this isolation is exactly the same as for everyone else, coronavirus pandemic. Let’s look at how the rumor of Queen started and finally debunked to give the true news.

Queen Elizabeth Does Not Have Cancer!

Thanks to Gossip Cop, we now know what went down when news started to circulate that Queen Elizabeth has cancer. They report that it was National Enquirer who claimed that the Buckingham Palace was in chaos after this discovery. Apparently, they posted a picture to back up their theory. A photo of Queen Elizabeth emerged which made her left hand appear bruised and dull. While we all can agree to the bruised coloration of the monarch’s hand, the reason is unknown.

Furthermore, the untruthful claim also talked of“a palace source” claiming that cancer appearing on Queen Elizabeth is actually leukemia. According to this questionable source, no one in the Royal Family believes she has much time left. The rumor then continued to talk of a doctor whose diagnosis backed the theory of leukemia.

Queen Elizabeth Cancer Rumor
National Enquirer

Queen Cannot Name A Successor

After suggesting that the Queen Elizbeth has cancer, the tabloid quickly reverted to their next rumor. They told that the Queen named Prince William to be her successor, bypassing the rightful heir Prince Charles. In fact, Queen Elizabeth cannot make such a decision, as it depends on the British Parliament and the laws. The Royal House cannot take political matters into their hands and that is why the decision of successorship does not remain with them.

The fact is that we cannot rely on a single picture of Queen Elizabeth’s bruised hand to conclude that she has cancer. Her recent decision to isolate herself is only because of the pandemic that is ravaging the world as of this moment.

The article that debunks this news wittingly tells the gossipers to write for Game of Thrones instead!

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