Puke Warning! Ew! David Dobrik Gets Pissed On By A Lion

David Dobrik, the famous YouTuber who keeps gifting luxury cars to his best friends, has pulled many pranks on many people. His pranks know no boundaries. That is why Trisha Paytas and other ex-Vlog Squad members blame him (and Jason Nash) for leaving the squad. Because apparently, their jokes are too much for the other party. Anyhoo, Trisha was never a part of Vlog Squad but she used to hang out with them during her relationship with Jason Nash. It might have been her or somebody else’s curse (Liza Koshy…Koshy…was that you?) that Dobrik was recently attacked by a Lion’s piss in the nastiest way ever.

David Dobrik & Lion’s Piss

There is a few-seconds background story on this particular topic. The Vlog Squad was having some fun time with animals at ZWF Miami, shooting vlogs and all. You know, just regular routine stuff for them. ZWF Miami stands for Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami who has been raising awareness for wildlife conservation since 1979.

Now, Zane Hijazi is shown playing with a monkey and everyone is having fun. When they move to the lions’ section from the monkeys’ section. This is when things get interesting (and puke-y). Like seriously, the lion seemed to take “Ew David” to a whole new level. (if you don’t know what Ew David means, go watch Schitt’s Creek).

Coming back to the scene, there were three lionesses only, when David Dobrik was shooting their region and everyone else from the Vlog Squad were standing nearby. When “Lion of the Jungle” suddenly entered the frame and did not appreciate the scene. And decided to mark his territory (literally and liquidly) by pointing his bum towards David Dobrik’s camera, aiming at the spot without seeing it and “pissing”. Zane Hijazi survived the attack and he was not affected. Jeff Wittek said half of his face was covered with the piss. But, the worst happened to Dobrik who had (Puke warning) his mouth open. Dobrik threw the camera and tried to spit it out. He didn’t puke though (Jonah did). Jeff could be seen wiping his face with his shirt in the background. (Still trying to believe it really happened, and it was not another prank for the audience).

Whose Curse Was It?

Well, Liza Koshy is still supporting her ex David Dobrik and she wishes him all the best for his future. Maybe this was Trisha Paytas, Jason Nash and her belief in “Karma”. (No she did not say it yet, but she might use these exact words soon).

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