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Porsha Williams exposes Kenya Moore

Porsha Williams exposes Kenya Moore

Battle of who is right continues. More drama from RHOA brews up this week when Porsha Williams Reveals Kenye Moore lied about Shamea calling her.

Want more drama every week? Get your weekly drama dose on Real Housewives Of Atlanta. This time Porsha Williams does not take a moment to expose her co-star Kenya Moore over a petty dispute.

Kenya Moore reveals something shocking to Porsha Williams

Kenya Moore is a former Miss USA winner. And in episode 20 of RHOA, she revealed to Porsha that Shamea called her when her water broke. Porsha was surprised by this update. Because she did not know that Moore and Morton were that close of friends.

Moore said:

“I remember you texted me. You were like, ‘I think my water broke.’ And I said, ‘you need me to come to the hospital?’ I don’t know where Porsha was… I think Porsha was doing something else, working that day,”

Kenya Moore told this to Porsha at a March of Dimes event hosted by Porsha herself.

Fans response to the revelation

According to The Blast, as soon as the episode went on air, fans began to speculate if Kenya Moore was trying to overshadow Williams in front of the crowd. Remarks that Moore denied instantly. And said overshadowing was not in her intentions at all.

Kenya Moore tweeted:

“She called me, so that’s a question for Shamea. I have nothing to do with their relationship, clearly, they love each other. To infer that means, ‘I don’t care for her,’ that’s such a reach sweetie. Thanks for your input.”

In the next episode preview, Porsha Williams involves NeNe Leakes and tells her that Kenya Moore has been lying about all of it. And the drama continues when Porsha William says Shamea told her that she didn’t call Moore when her water broke. So I guess we’ll know for sure what really happens when the next episode airs.