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Step aside, Hollywood old-timers; Jenna Marie Ortega is here to claim her crown! Born on September 27, 2002, this dynamo didn’t waste any time making her mark. As a mere toddler in showbiz terms, she effortlessly slipped into the Jenna Ortega movies and TV shows for the CW’s hilarious tearjerker, ‘Jane the Virgin’ (2014–2019).

Not content with just lighting up our TV screens, she lent her voice to Disney Junior’s Princess Isabel in ‘Elena of Avalor (2016-2020). Her game-changer came as the irrepressible Harley Diaz in Disney’s ‘Stuck in the Middle‘ (2016–2018). She didn’t just win hearts; she bagged an Imagen Award for it!

Netflix, not wanting to miss out on the Ortega magic, cast her as Ellie Alves in the spine-chilling ‘You‘ (2019) and in the feel-good family flick, ‘Yes Day‘ (2021). Cinematic critics sat up and took notes when Jenna showcased her range in ‘The Fallout‘ (2021).

Then she dived, or rather slashed, into the world of horror, headlining in ‘Scream‘ and ‘X‘ (both 2022), followed by ‘Scream VI‘ (2023). And if you’re thinking, “What’s next“? Jenna’s sizzling as the gothic queen, Wednesday Addams, in Netflix‘s spine-tingling comedy ‘Wednesday‘ (2022).

Oh, and she’s not just winning roles; she’s collecting nominations from the Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy, and Screen Actors Guild Awards! Jenna Ortega, ladies and gents: a star who’s just getting started.

Early Career Days Of Jenna Ortega

Once upon a Hollywood time, a six-year-old Jenna Ortega caught the acting bug. At eight, thanks to her mom’s proud Facebook video post of her stellar monologue performance, Ortega swapped playdates for auditions. By 2012, she’d snuck onto our screens with ‘Rob‘, making her big debut in the episode “Baby Bug“.

Remember that mysterious Aimee Moore from ‘CSI: NY‘s’ episode “Unspoken”? Yep, that was her! 2013 saw our rising starlet rub elbows with Tony Stark himself in ‘Iron Man 3,’ playing the vice president’s daughter. Not one to rest on her laurels, Jenna went from battling robots to supernatural entities in ‘Insidious: Chapter 2‘ as Annie. And guess what?

Both Jenna Ortega movies made quite the ka-ching at the box office. 2014 was Ortega’s buffet of roles! She landed the role of Zoe Leon in ‘Rake‘ and started her enchanting gig as young Jane in ‘Jane the Virgin,’ a gig she held till 2019. And who can forget her as Mary Ann, making us all giggle in ‘The Little Rascals Save the Day‘?

Netflix beckoned Jenna with open arms for their original series ‘Richie Rich‘. As Darcy, the gold-digging friend of Richie, she managed to dent his vast fortune without a flinch—even if the series didn’t quite earn rave reviews. She also warmed hearts as Anna Chapa in ‘After Words’.

Jenna Ortega Movies And TV shows

Iron Man 3

Roll out the red carpet for Iron Man 3 (2013 – or as those in the cinematic know might catch on the screen, ‘Iron Man Three’. Hailing from the legendary vaults of Marvel Comics and brought to the silver screen by Marvel Studios, this 2013 American superhero spectacle is no newbie.

It’s the third act after ‘Iron Man‘ (2008) and ‘Iron Man 2‘ (2010), and proudly claims its spot as the seventh jewel in the dazzling Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) crown. Shane Black donned the director’s chair while also crafting the screenplay with Drew Pearce. And who’s under the iron suit, you ask?

None other than the charismatic Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, rubbing armored shoulders with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, and a plethora of stars including the enigmatic Ben Kingsley. The plot? A mentally shaken Tony Stark grapples with post-‘Avengers‘ shenanigans while the elusive Mandarin masterminds a terror campaign in the U.S.

After ‘Iron Man 2‘ soared in 2010, Jon Favreau, the director, hung up his Iron Man hat, passing the torch to Black in 2011. With Pearce, Black steered the story towards a character-focused thriller, borrowing from Warren Ellis’s ‘Extremis‘ comic brilliance. By mid-2012, the supporting cast including Kingsley and Pearce had signed on.

Insidious: Chapter 2

Dim the lights and grab your safety blanket because ‘Insidious: Chapter 2‘ is not for the faint-hearted! A masterful blend of spine-tingling chills and thrills, this 2013 American Insidious: Chapter 2 horror film offering comes courtesy of the master of macabre, director James Wan.

But hold on to your séance candles; it’s the sequel to the 2010 hair-raising hit, ‘Insidious‘. While it’s the second entry in the ‘Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)’ cinematic roster, it’s the fourth when you dive into the spooky storyline’s chronology. Our heroes from the first movie of Jenna Ortega’s movies list, Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, step back into their nightmarish roles as Josh and Renai Lambert.

This couple doesn’t just have to worry about mundane marital problems; they’re desperately piecing together a jigsaw of spectral secrets that’s left them uncomfortably tied to the ghostly realm.

For those marking their eerie events calendar, the Jenna Ortega career made its ghostly appearance on September 13, 2013. And, because sleep is overrated, the ‘Insidious‘ franchise and Jenna Ortega on-screen performances didn’t stop there.

It added not one, but two prequels to its creepy collection: ‘Chapter 3’ sneaked up on audiences on June 5, 2015, while ‘The Last Key‘ turned in its phantom-filled performance on January 5, 2018. Fast forward to 2023, and ‘The Red Door‘ swung open on July 7, serving as a direct follow-up to ‘Chapter 2’.

Babysitter: Killer Queen

Get ready for round two of satanic sitter shenanigans with ‘The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)’! Devilishly delightful black comedy slasher is the brainchild of director/producer McG, who teamed up with a quirky trio – Dan Lagana, Brad Morris, and Jimmy Warden to pen the script. Think of it as the bloodier older sibling to 2017’s ‘The Babysitter: Killer Queen Sequel!

It boasts talents like Judah Lewis, Emily Alyn Lind, our previously mentioned rising star Jenna Ortega, and a smorgasbord of others, including the unforgettable Bella Thorne and Samara Weaving. Cole Johnson, who probably thought he’d left behind the murderous mayhem of his past, is slapped with a demonic déjà vu.

Just two years post the hair-raising babysitter bedlam, Cole finds himself entangled (yet again!) in a nightmarish game of survival against diabolical foes some familiar, some freshly fiendish. Netflix, perhaps wanting to make sure no one slept peacefully, unleashed this terrifying treat on September 10, 2020. 

Well, they weren’t exactly fans of Jenna Ortega movies. But let’s be real, When were demonic cults ever critically acclaimed? For those who’ve developed an insatiable appetite for evil babysitter sagas, here’s the cherry on the bloody sundae: whispers are afloat about a third installment.

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin (2014-2019)’ is here to say, “Hold my dramatic zoom-in!” This romantic comedy-drama with a saucy sprinkle of satire was conjured up by Jennie Snyder Urman. Making its debut on The CW on October 13, 2014, it bid its teary goodbye on July 31, 2019.

The show is a wink and a nod to the Venezuelan telenovela, ‘Young Jane Villanueva (character in Jane the Virgin)’ by Perla Farías. Leading the drama is Gina Rodriguez, who breathes life into Jane Gloriana Villanueva. Jane’s life pitch: a 23-year-old devoted Latina v-rgin who, thanks to a gynecological gaffe, finds herself accidentally artificially ins*minated.

Yes, you read that right! It’s a wild romp, playfully poking fun at classic Latin American telenovela twists. Critics raved about the Jenna Ortega movies, showering it with praise, especially for its razor-sharp writing and Rodriguez’s standout performance.

Flashback to the 72nd Golden Globe Awards: ‘Jane the Virgin‘ snagged a nomination for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy, while Rodriguez danced away with Best Actress in the same category. And that’s not all—the show clinched a Peabody Award in 2014 and got a tip of the hat from the American Film Institute as one of 2014’s top 10 TV gems.


What do you get when you cross romance, stalking, and a dash of the literary flair of Jenna Ortega movies? The answer is’ You (2019-present) ‘, an edge-of-the-seat psychological thriller TV series. Inspired by the pages of Caroline Kepnes and stirred to life by the genius duo, Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble, this series is a potboiler of emotions.

Just imagine, a production salad made of Berlanti Productions, Alloy Entertainment, and A+E Studios, all sprinkled with Warner Bros. Television goodness. Season one kicked off on Lifetime in September 2018 and introduced us to Joe Goldberg (played by the captivating Penn Badgley).

Joe isn’t your regular bookstore manager; he’s got a sinister side and a penchant for, well, killing and obsession. Lifetime gave the nod to a second season before the first had even cooled down. But then, like a plot twist, the show sashayed over to Netflix.

Season two landed in December 2019, taking us to LA where Joe’s heartstrings tangle with Love Quinn, a heiress with her own mysteries. No sooner had the credits rolled on season two than Netflix announced a third in January 2020.

Released on October 15, 2021, it welcomed new faces like Travis Van Winkle and Shalita Grant. And just when fans thought they’d seen it all, a two-parter fourth season graced screens in February and March 2023, introducing stars like Charlotte Ritchie and Lukas Gage.

Stuck in the Middle

Ever felt like a sardine, squeezed in the middle of a comically oversized family can? Well, ‘Stuck in the Middle (2016-2018)‘ is here to say, “Same”! This rib-tickling family comedy series, birthed from the genius minds of Alison Brown (doubling up as developer and creator) and Linda Videtti Figueiredo, decided to crash Disney Channel’s party on February 14, 2016.

Perhaps it’s Disney’s quirky way of reminding us that family, in all its maddening glory, deserves its own Valentine. Taking center stage is Jenna Ortega, stepping into the shoes (or should we say rollerblades?) of Harley Diaz.

Harley isn’t just navigating the chaos of being a middle child; she’s also the resident family inventor, whipping up wacky gadgets to survive the Diaz household’s delightful pandemonium. But wait, there’s more! Apart from the usual episodic roller coaster rides, the series dished out a festive treat with six shorts, unveiled on December 16, 2016. All good tales must come to an end, though.

The Diaz shenanigans culminated after three heartwarming seasons and 57 episodes, wrapping up with the vivacious “Stuck in Harley’s Quinceañera” on July 23, 2018. And just like that, the Diaz family packed up their gadgets and gizmos, leaving behind a trail of laughter and heart.

Elena of Avalor

Elena of Avalor (2016-2020)’ swooped into our living rooms, bringing a whirlwind of animated adventures and Jenna Ortega movies. Debuting on Disney Channel on July 22, 2016, this vibrant show later waved its magic wand and poof!

Teleported to Disney Junior on July 14, 2018. At its heart is the formidable Latina Princess Elena, brought to life by the enchanting voice of Aimee Carrero. Fast forward to July 2020, and Disney, being the keeper of fairy tales, whispered to the winds that ‘Elena of Avalor‘ would gracefully bow out after three regal seasons.

Its grand finale, aptly titled “Coronation Day“, graced the screens on August 23, 2020. Let’s rewind the tapestry: Princess Elena Castillo Flores, after a 41-year-long unscheduled stay inside the Amulet of Avalor (talk about being fashionably late!), was rescued by none other than Princess Sofia.

After kicking the nefarious sorceress Shuriki off the throne, Elena’s next challenge was perhaps even more daunting: ruling her kingdom of Avalor. And remember, she’s just 16 – most of us were struggling with algebra at that age!

But fret not, Elena isn’t steering the ship alone. She’s flanked by the Grand Council, which includes her wise grandparents, a slightly older cousin, Chancellor Esteban, and her BFF, Naomi Turner.

Plus, she’s got backup in the form of her brilliant little sis, Isabel, her magical pal Mateo, the ever-loyal Royal Guard lieutenant Gabe, a spirit animal (because, why not?) named Zuzo, and a flamboyant trio of flying critters known as Jaquins.

What is Jenna Ortega best known for?

“You” is where most people first saw Jenna Ortega perform. After a lackluster run on Lifetime, the sitcom found new life on Netflix, where it quickly became a hit and was renewed for additional seasons.

Is Jenna Ortega in a relationship?

Actress Jenna, who has been unmarried since the book was published, has said that the prospect of dating “stresses” her out, in large part because she is “too obsessed with work.” I despise feeling silly for a boy. I suspect that hidden pride is at play here.

Is Jenna Ortega in Scream 4?

Tara Carpenter is played by actress Jenna Marie Ortega in the Scream movies. She first appeared in Scream ’22 (the fifth installment) and will return for Scream ’23 (the sixth installment).

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