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Podfather Adam Curry Explains Big Google Conspiracy Theory

Podfather Adam Curry Explains Big Google Conspiracy Theory

Adam Curry aka the Podfather explains his big Google Conspiracy Theory to Joe Rogan on YouTube’s JRE Clips. The 55-year-old No Agenda podcaster believes that the search engine giant’s conception was planned and ensured by the CIA. He gives a rather interesting insight into the Keyhole acquisition by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

In-Q-Tel, Satellite Image Firm Keyhole and Google | Adam Curry sheds light on the Conspiracy

At one point during the Joe Rogan Experience YouTube podcast, Podfather Adam Curry shares his fears of the digital realm. The former MTV VJ (known for interviewing Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney) is big on hiding his online presence. When Joe asked him ‘Do you use Android?’ Adam Curry’s response was as follows.

No, I don’t. I trust Apple more. I have a “stripped-down, no Sim card, VPN pie-hole” iPhone 7. There’s a lot of different parts on my iPhone 7 and no other apps on it, just a blanket.

The compelling Google Theory

The host of JRE Clips was quite surprised! To top it off Adam Curry then talks about his Google Conspiracy Theory. Adam Curry explains how Google came into being.

He thinks that Larry and Sergey’s purchase of Keyhole was the turning point and In-Q-Tel helped them. Adam Curry is a believer in the theory that Google was set up CIA personnel.

In-Q-Tel is a CIA company and its not a secret. It helped the search engine owners with Keyhole acquisition(mapping company). It was used to make Google Maps and is the most important tool. Knowing the whereabouts of a person is the most important thing as far as human identities are concerned. There were a lot of intelligence people involved in setting it up.

What Adam Curry says next was mind-boggling and hard to digest. According to him, Google’s founders became, what their masters/controllers were to them. Adam was referring to the two growing up under oppression in Russia.

The psychology behind Sergey and Larry is that people become what their oppressors are to them. I don’t think these two are bad guys but this is the process of psychosis and it happens when you grow up under stressed-out situations. People who have been abused, often abuse others. That’s what’s going on.

Adam Curry thinks that this behavior translates into Google’s abuse of power and authority over our data. Not giving us control over our own data, share in the profits by the sale of it and constantly keeping an eye on the users’ activities is an essential part of that mindset.

The future?

Lastly, Adam Curry wraps-up the topic by saying that Google’s business model is f****ing humanity. He believes that if there’s a dire need for legislation as far as data privacy is concerned. If this business model survives, no one will be able to stop them from the abuse of power in the future.

Curry’s views aren’t something that one can neglect and it makes one think for a second. Dankanator will keep you updated on more from the Podfather.