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Playboy Playmate Ashley Mattingly took her own life?

Playboy Playmate Ashley Mattingly took her own life?

Almost everyone in the world knows about the Playboy Magazine. It has been around in the world since 1953. The magazine honors a beauty every month under the “Playmate of the month”. In the March 2011 edition, Playboy honored Ashley Mattingly. However, she shied away from the spotlight after that. And just now, the news of her death has hit her fans. Ashley was 33, and there is no official confirmation of the cause of her death for now.

Playboy Playmate Ashley Mattingly attempted suicide?

The former playboy playmate died of an apparent suicide of April 16. Though she kept herself away from the spotlight since her feature in Playboy, however, she was staying close to her family and friends. A family statement was issued after her death:

We learned late Thursday night that it is believed that our dear sister with a larger-than-life personality took her own life. Ashley moved closer to home a couple years ago and was living in Austin. It’s maybe no secret that Ashley struggled with alcohol and substance abuse, but she wanted to and was working to get better.

The family confirmed that one of Ashley’s friends contacted the authorities and called a wellness check on her when they couldn’t get a hold of her. The authorities found Ashley at her residence, unresponsive. Main reason why it is believed that she might have taken her own life, is that she left notes behind. The family statement further added:

As part of an ongoing investigation, the police have notes that we are told she left behind and we are anxious to read them. She leaves behind nieces whom she loved dearly and always thought of no matter how far away she was, a twin brother, two sisters and numerous other friends and family. We will forever cherish her memories and know that her joy is eternally sealed. We look forward to seeing her again.

The family & friends mourn at the loss

Ashley Mattingly’s twin brother Billy Mattingly mourned the loss on his Facebook. He remembers her as a beauty queen and a rockstar.

Her sister Christy DeWeese also shared on her Facebook:

Because I can’t find the words to say I will just leave this here. I love you and will miss you every day. Fly high sister, I know you are the most gorgeous angel in heaven!

The family is taking care of Ashley’s puppy that she had recently adopted to overcome her demons. She was struggling with alcohol and substance abuse, but she was working hard to get better. TMZ also reported that Ashley faced abuse from her ex-boyfriend.

Famous actress Carrie Stevens also paid tribute to Ashley Mattingly.

Carrie Stevens

If you or someone you know is going through anxiety, distress, depression or thoughts of harming yourself, please call National Suicide Prevention Helpline.