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Pink Isn't Into Anti-Aging Surgery At All

Singer Pink Isn’t Into Anti-Aging Surgery At All

Singer Pink has always been one the best musicians out there, for the longest time. Her rock/pop songs with bomb lyrics have always kept us hooked. The music artist is not all about songs. As the years are passing, and age is taking a toll on her as it does on everyone else: the star has made an important vow to herself. She won’t opt for anti-aging surgery. And she made this promise by writing an open letter to herself.

Pink won’t opt for anti-aging surgery and botox

Pink took to her official Twitter where she shared the heartfelt letter to herself in front of the public. In a candid conversation with herself, she describes the process of aging and what it feels like to see it happen. She mentions the newly found lines on her face, the shape of her nose, and the wrinkles making their way. She even jokes that her smoking also has a part to play.

She then goes on to share the thought process of most women of her age. The decision to go for surgery or botox or any age-defying surgeries that promise to lift the skin and make it look youthful again.

But then she shares how she feels when she looks at people who got anti-aging surgery done. How their face doesn’t move and how it looks unnatural, and singer Pink just cannot get past that.

Adding some humor yet emotional depth to this feeling, Pink shares she wants her children to know and see when she’s angry.

Pink then shared some wisdom that all women need to remember. She explains that she never really depended on her physical appearance. The decision she has made is that her talent and individuality is what matters.

And she is proud to say that she’s ready to age the old-fashioned way. No fillers, no botox.

We are so inspired by this beautiful woman. She has decided not to follow the footsteps of many women. And by doing this, she is empowering so many more to not challenge or fight age through face lifts, botox or anti-aging surgery. More power to Pink!