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PewDiePie Speaks His Mind on Trisha Paytas

Pewdiepie, or most commonly referred to as the YouTuber with the most subscribers who beat T-Series, has come across Trisha Paytas and the controversies surrounding her. And he had a lot to say about the female YouTuber. In a video entitled “trisha paytas without makeup”, Felix doesn’t filter any of his thoughts regarding Trisha. The fact that he said the word ‘cringe’ multiple times in the video certainly proves that.

PewDiePie Sheds Light on Trisha’s Recent Controversies

In particular, Pewdiepie chose to focus on the recent scandal Trisha was involved with Nikocado Avocado. It was when a Trisha took an interest in Nikocado and asked publicly to collaborate with him. But when he flew to her place all the way from Columbia, she completely ignored him and ghosted her. It was as if she had completely forgotten the interest she took in him. Later, she clarified that she felt afraid of him and thus didn’t have the need to apologize to him. This is what prompts PewDiePie to call her a bad person.

Another controversial event that happened in Trisha Paytas’ life was when H3 productions made a whole video where he showed Instagram pictures and real-life pictures of some YouTubers, one of whom was Trisha herself. As a reaction to that, Trisha made a video calling him a bully and a bad influence on girls. What’s more, is that she publicly tweeted to his pregnant wife.

This is also what Felix called a low blow. Pewdiepie also highlighted the fact that Trisha did not see the whole video and thus focused on something that was not the point of the video. Felix stated that H3 productions, Ethan Klein, did not mean to bully someone rather than just note how different some influencers and celebrities look when they edit their photos.

PewDiePie Thinks Trisha Paytas Has No Shame

PewDiePie declared Trisha Paytas a YouTuber who has no shame in anything that she does. All her content is completely unfiltered and raw. While some of her fans think that is a positive thing and she remains true to herself and her audience, PewDiePie thinks she just acts that way for views.

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