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PewDiePie Mocks Tattoos Gone Wrong For Our Pleasure

YouTuber PewDiePie has created a whole video trying to mock the worst tattoos he could find and you'll be amazed to see how many of them go wrong.

The popular YouTuber PewDiePie got together with his YouTube buddy Kenneth Charles Morrison who goes by the name Cinnamon Toast Ken to do something interesting for the audience. The two YouTube stars roasted all the tattoos that had gone wrong.

The two began their video by showing off their own tattoos. And unlike the ones following in the video, none of their tattoos had gone wrong. But was PewDiePie pointing fingers at his partner Ken when suggesting that they should explore worst tattoos? Maybe, that’s something we will never know for sure. But it went unnoticed because Ken was really interested in the idea. In fact, he loved it even more because he likes making fun of people’s bad life choices. While that may sound shallow, PewDiePie believes it is because his fellow has some insecurities about his own life choices.

Some of the most hilarious tattoos that the duo observed was a man getting a nipple on his arm. And someone tattooed a poem over his arm just to realize that it made absolutely no sense. But instead of feeling ashamed about it, he actually added it into the tattoo. Another one that PewDiePie and Ken explored was a man tattooing a whole face with a bushy beard on the back of his head. That must be a  real sight to look at in a plane!

The 11-minute long video continues while the pair pokes fun at every worst tattoo they can find over the internet. Watch how they do it here.

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