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PewDiePie calls Neekolul’s $2 million home “hideous”

Famous YouTuber Felix Kjelberg, also known as PewDiePie, posted a new video on his YouTube channel a few days ago which was titled ‘Reviewing YouTuber House Tours’. In the 30 minutes, long video Pew reviews Neekolul’s $2 Million home as well, calling it ‘Hideous’.

Neekolul is a Twitch streamer and TikToker but she became popular after her ‘Ok Boomer’ TikTok. She posted the TikTok of her lip-syncing ‘Oki Doki Boomer’ while wearing a ‘Tax The Rich’ sweater in the video. The sweater she was wearing was from congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s official store. Even tho, she gained a lot of followers after this video, there were some haters as well. People were quick to call her out for the hypocrisy and commented ‘Nice $60 shirt’. Another person said:

Quick reminder that she doesn’t believe in tipping waitresses

On June 1, Neeko posted a house tour on her YouTube channel, but the comments were turned off. However, that did not stop people from calling Neeko out. People criticized her on Twitter and one Twitter user said:

You can’t say eat the rich and then buy a $2 million apartment

And now, PewDiePie has pitched in his own criticism of the house as well.

PewDiePie reviews Neekolul’s new home

PewDiePie Calls Neekolul $2 Million Home "Hideous"
YouTube | TikTok

In a video Felix posted a month ago, he reviewed some other influecer’s houses including David Dobrik, Austin McBroom and Bretman Rock. He reviewed the Twitch star Neekolul’s house in the second part of the video which was posted three days ago. PewDiePie opened Neeko’s house tour video and after seeing that the comments are disabled, he said:

I appreciate her leaving (the video) up for us to scrutinize.

Felix also talked about the criticism Neeko faced after she put up the TikTok in which she was wearing her ‘Tax the Rich’ shirt. He then began reviewing the house and it was obvious that he did not really like it. Pewdiepie also said that the editing of the video was so bad and he kept laughing as well. After critisizing the chairs and microwave, he said:

You paid $2 Million for this? You’ve got a laundry basket in your f**king hallway!

It was pretty obvious that he had many issues with Neeko’s home and he called her house ‘the worst one’. And people in the comments were agreeing with PewDiePie. One user said:

Few things are as frustrating as money poorly spent, especially on a home

Just like Pew couldn’t believe that she paid $2 million for this, many users couldn’t believe it either. His viewers further agreed, saying that you can get a bigger apartment in less money, so there is no way Neekolul’s house is worth millions. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments.