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Chris D'Elia Uncancel Petition With Over 2,300 Signatures

Petition To ‘Uncancel’ Chris D’Elia Has Over 2,300 Signatures

There's a petition on Twitter that is calling to 'uncancel' Chris D'Elia after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced, and it has over 2300 signatures!

The recent news about Chris D’Elia is quite worrisome. Allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against the actor/comedian. Many girls came forward with their experiences of sexual harassment, with many of them being underaged. However, there are some who want the star to be uncanceled. As a result, they began a petition to “un-cancel” D’Elia.

Petition to not cancel Chris D’Elia

D’Elia’s agency fired him and Netflix canceled his shows. However, he still has some fans who are dedicated to standing by him. One of them is Thomas Parker, who recently started a petition to have the comedian un-canceled. And as of right now, the petition has over 2300 signatures! The description read:

Cancel culture vultures are the true deadbeats of our generation.

We can’t let such such sad empty souls destroy Chris D’Elia.

As far as I can tell, he has committed ZERO crimes and hasn’t harmed a single woman… but still, his entire life is being destroyed by a bunch of know-nothing nobodies that will never contribute a single thing of value to society?

In addition to that, Parker urged people in the petition to save D’Elia and tell him that they’ve “got his back”:

Please sign this petition to show Chris that we’ve got his back, that we’re here to keep the cult alive, and that the log cabin will be built! Let’s remind him that life still rips!

Moreover, some Twitter users shared the petition to not let Hollywood cancel Chris D’Elia on Twitter as well. Here are a couple of tweets:

The comedian has been at the center of controversy

Chris D'Elia Uncancel Petition With Over 2,300 Signatures

The petition came after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against Chris D’Elia. Multiple women came forward, accusing the comedian of making advances on them when they were minors. They shared screenshots of emails with D’Elia. D’Elia’s legal team released emails with three of the accused women, in a bid of trying to clear D’Elia from the accusations. However, many of the accused women were still left unanswered.

After the allegations surfaced, Chris D’Elia’s agency CAA fired him, Netflix abandoned his show, and Comedy Central removed some of the episodes that portrayed him as a pedophile. Moreover, several of his friends and other comedians came forward and spoke against the D’Elia. That includes his co-star Whitney Cummings, Bryan Callen, and Brendan Schaub also called out the comedian for his behavior.

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