People Declare Trisha Paytas a Hypocrite Amidst Drama With David Dobrik and Jason Nash

Recently, Trisha Paytas came under the Internet’s spotlight when she made a 19-minute video explaining why her boyfriend, Jason Nash, and their mutual friend David Dobrik were horrible. A few hours later, Trisha Paytas immediately deleted the video. In the video, she talked about how horrible she felt when David Dobrik joked about Jason Nash having a threesome with Trisha and their other friend TM.

But people who are dedicated followers of the Vlog Squad, which includes David Dobrik, Jason Nash, and Trisha Paytas, are calling the female YouTuber out on her hypocrisy. They recount all the times when Trisha Paytas used to make jokes like these herself.

Several YouTubers have commented on the issue. One, in particular, Alex Elmsli, had an interesting take on it. He talks about how she claims to love these people and then calls them creepy simultaneously. Then, he mentions her hypocrisy.

The YouTuber outlines how Trisha herself makes jokes about sleeping with other people all the time. The video has an actual clip where Trisha Paytas is making that joke. Moreover, the video elaborates that Paytas is angry at just Jason and throws that anger onto David Dobrik.

Trisha Paytas | The Scary Land of Instagram Comments

Before posting the video, Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash worked on a music video set to come out on February 14th. So, the duo both have several pictures on their Instagram.

But if you look at some of the comments on these posts, you will see that many fans call the female YouTuber out on her hypocrisy. One person commented:

“U really wanna talk about self respect how about we start off with you because you always u want to sleep with everyone in the vlog squad and you’re always getting naked in front of everyone and u really up when u brought Jason’s kids and his ex wife into this maybe she doesn’t like you because you’re f*cking crazy”

Another one said that the way Trisha was responding was an “overreaction”:

“Total overreaction. It’s jokes, acting and all for views. When an actor kisses another woman in a movie is it cheating? You literally make jokes about blowing Jason Mamoa and shit, I love you girl but you’re a hypocrite. Jason loves you but you’re too insecure to tolerate. You ruined your own relationship. You want @jasonnash locked in a cage. Not realistic sweetheart.

Moreover, Twitter had a lot of people calling Paytas out on her general hypocrisy as well. They mentioned how she doesn’t shy away from completely defaming someone publicly just because they wronged her. Some said how she had joked about repeatedly sleeping with David Dobrik in front of Jason Nash.

Though, there are still people that were supporting Trisha through it all.

“ok f*ck men like this this has nothing to do with this photo but to see how he treats the poor girl in there relationship is disgusting I understand Trisha is a extremely emotional train wreck but Jesus Christ dose he rip her apart love you Trisha please find your self worth and show yourself doing better alone bby.”

Another one commented:

“Please do not get back together with him and his group are TOXIC”

Neither Trisha nor Jason Nash nor David Dobrik has addressed this video as of yet. Maybe they are working things out? We will keep you updated on anything we find out.

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