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Penelope's Love Max (Ed Quinn) Is Returning In ODAAT Season 4

Penelope’s Love Max (Ed Quinn) Is Returning In ODAAT Season 4

Good news for ODAAT season 4 Viewers! The prince charming Ed Quinn(Edward Quinn) is returning in the show in his recurring role as Penelope’s boyfriend Max. Those who are familiar with the crew of One Day at a Time know well about Penelope’s past love, Max. Popular American actor and musician Ed Quinn played the character of Max in this show. Ed Quinn appeared in the second season of the sitcom where he played the handsome boyfriend of Penelope (Justina Machado).

Ed Quinn Will Join ODAAT Season 4 As Max

The return of her former sweetheart in this fresh season has some amorous meaning. All the previous seasons emphasizes on Penelope’s love life. Hence, the dashing Max (Ed Quinn) will craft the real romance in this season. It is, however, an expected return as Penelope dreams about him while she is out with other fellows on a date.

One Day At A Time Aka ODAAT

ODAAT, in fact, is a remake of Norman Lear’s classic 1975 sitcom. The series comically displayed a Cuban-American family. It’s an ex-military nurse -the official head of the family, leading a single life with her two children and her own interrupting mother played by none other than Rita Moreno.

The series has encountered multiple challenges. First, Netflix abruptly canceled this Sony Picture’s show after premiering three successful seasons, then upon a huge pressure from fans around the globe showrunners began their search for another streaming service. Soon, Pop Tv emerges as a new destination to air ODAAT  season 4 but its time to face another disaster the COVID-19.

Ed Quinn, The Versatile Performer

Ed Quinn is not a novel name in the industry. He is a multitalented person who acted in popular shows Eureka, True Blood, Revenge and 2 Broke Girls. This 6 feet 1-inch guy has left the US to begin his career in modeling. He performed as a model in Paris, Barcelona, and Milan. As a musician, Quinn has joined several bands including Mad Theory, and Scattergood.

The veteran actor has performed well in renowned films like House of the Dead 2 (2005), The Caller (2011),  The Last Light (2014) and  The Last Summer(2019). This social media celebrity has gained more than  60,000 followers on Instagram, and 13,000 plus followers on Twitter.

Penelope To Bring Humor Amid The Pandemic

As a matter of fact, in the current daunting situation shows like One Day at a Time works as an antidepressant. These presentations, in fact, help to calm the prevailing anxiety. Yet the return of this fourth comic season will bring a fresh breeze to both the regular and fresh viewers. Episodes of One Day at a Time will be airing every Tuesday at 9:30 pm PST / 6:30 EST. POP TV. will drop these episodes.