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Pedophile Jessica Yaniv Twitter Account Banned

Pedophile Jessica Yaniv has finally gone to jail and her Twitter account has been banned as well. This is certainly a piece of good news in these dark times. Jessica was previously posing as a transgender woman who has, on many times, sent inappropriate messages to underage girls. After being arrested, now comes the news that Jessica Yaniv’s twitter account has been banned.

Blaire White breaks the news

A YouTuber that has previously exposed Jessica Yaniv broke the good news to her followers:

We were certainly glad to see Twitter finally banning accounts of pedophiles and child predators. There is a need for strict regulation on social media websites. Anyone can pose as anyone and manipulate underage girls and boys to engage in illegal activity.

That is indeed what Jessica Yaniv was doing. Jessica Yaniv has previously sent explicit photos of his male genitalia to minors.

How Jessica Yaniv’s Twitter account got suspended

The infamous story of Jessica Yaniv started when he was considering himself to be a trans activist. He was calling out beauty salons for not waxing his private parts since they only catered to females. Yaniv went to British Columbia’s Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) to fight the case. However, Yaniv lost the case. Because of the (BCHRT), justice was served. It was found that Jessica’s case was based on racism and not on any genuine grounds. Yaniv had to pay a total of six thousand dollars to the Salon workers he had filed a lawsuit against.

Now, Jessica Yaniv finally made the cheque and she posted the picture on her Twitter:

Jessica Yaniv Cheque

Many people online were bashing Jessica was taking so long with the payments along with the criticism that he wasn’t doing it with the right intentions.

Yaniv was apparently looking to file another lawsuit because a gynecologist was not agreeing to take Yaniv’s appointment. This makes no sense either because Jessica Yaniv hasn’t done gender change surgery to change his male genitalia into female genitalia.

Now after Jessica Yaniv posted the picture of the cheque,  the account was suspended:

Jessica Yaniv Twitter Account

We don’t know the exact reason Twitter suspended this account. Right now, we can only await the result of the lawsuits Jessica has filed against multiple journalists and reporters.

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