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Patrick Starrr signs beauty influencer Nikita Dragun as One Size Ambassador

TikTok star and founder of Dragun Beauty Nikita Dragun and beauty influencer Patrick Starrr go way back in history. Last year, Patrick posted a video on his YouTube channel that was titled as “ASMR with Nikita Dragun”.

Patrick told Nikita in this video not to tarnish his platform with her scandalous personality:

You are a brand owner and you are the most scandalous person I know on the internet. You have finally mustered up the confidence to bring you on my platform which I hope won’t get tarnished with your presence.

To which Nikita replied:

Now that you have officially been cancelled, I think it is time you have me on your channel

Now we all know that both Nikita and Patrick have indulged in a lot of controversies. Not following any COVID-19 SOPs to going out and partying throughout the pandemic. Yes guys, they have done it all, and done it unapologetically.

Patrick Starrr signed Nikita Dragun as one size ambassador

The beauty guru Patrick recently posted a video on his social medias. In the video, he shows his excitement for standing next to his One Size brand ambassador.

I am so excited to announce I signed my newest one size ambassador

Well, a lot of fans were confused if Patrick is talking about Nikita’s slender figure or his brand. But it’s good to hear that he cleared the misconceptions for once.

How are people reacting to this news?

So, this news really took the internet by storm. People thought that this was absolutely unnecessary. Some of them thought that there was no point in signing Nikita for a makeup brand as she is the owner of a successful makeup brand ‘Dragun Beauty’ herself. They also shared that both the beauty gurus are are basically competitors.

Some fans also shared their opinion that Patrick Starrr might be struggling to sell his makeup products. So maybe this is the reason why he hired Nikita.

We totally get that a lot people might not be impressed by this move. But there is nothing wrong in supporting a friend or their business. Let us know what do you guys this about this business collaboration?