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Paris Hilton Will DJ At The TrillerFest To Raise Money For COVID-19 Relief

Paris Hilton Will DJ At The TrillerFest To Raise Money For COVID-19 Relief

The COVID-19 pandemic has virtually paralyzed life on Earth. And as Jemima Goldsmith puts it, even after the pandemic, an economic recession will continue to immobilize the world. To combat the deadly repercussions of the coronavirus outbreak, Paris Hilton is stepping up as an online DJ. The socialite will DJ at the three-day virtual music festival, TrillerFest. The e-music festival aims to help raise money for the people affected by the coronavirus. It will feature more than 100 artists including  Snoop Dogg, Marshmello, Migos, Pitbull and Wyclef Jean.  The #TrillerFest live stream kicked off on April 10th, and it will run through April 12th.

Paris Hilton To DJ At The TrillerFest

The Hilton hotel heiress will perform from her Los Angeles home for the #Trillerfest. The performance will be available to stream live on YouTube, Twitch, and Caffeine.  The money that Hilton and her co-performers will raise at the TrillerFest will principally go to two major charities, ‘No Kid Hungry’ and The Recording Academy’s ‘MusiCares’. While No Kid Hungry is working to end child hunger in America, MusiCares intends to help affectees in the music community. Hilton’s DJ-ing venture is an individual attempt at solving the coronavirus crisis. She had previously, along with her family $10 million for coronavirus relief through the Hilton Foundation.

Snoop Dog, Chanel, Marshmello, and Migos Join The Fest

Paris Hilton had DJ-ed at a Brazilian music festival back in 2012. And that musical outing marked the inception of her fine music career. About her upcoming performance at the TrillerFest, Hilton has exclaimed she is excited to work with Snoop Dog, Marshmello, Migos, and Chanel.

The charity and her co-performers are equally excited about Hilton’s performance as we are.  No Kid Hungry tweeted that it wasn’t able to wait for the performance.

Later Chanel added that she too was excited to perform a few songs and raise money with Paris Hilton.