Only 0.1% can solve this | Most Annoying Quiz

The most annoying quiz you'll ever find. See if you land in the 0.1%

The most annoying quiz you’ll ever find. See if you land in the 0.1%.

Only 0.1% can solve this piece of
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The correct answer to the most annoying quiz is 11:

In the first row, there are a total of 3 pairs (or 6 shoes), 30 divided by 6 is 5. That means one shoe has a value of 5. Why 1 shoe? Notice the fourth row has 1 shoe, not 2.

In the second row, the shoes are worth 10, the total is 20. So just subtract 10 from 20, and that leaves 10. 10 divided by 2 boys is 5. So, each boy is worth 5.

In the third row, the total is 13. Subtract the boy’s 5 points from 13 to get 8. Divide 8 by 2 double-whistles. This means each double whistle is 4 points and every single whistle is half of that, i.e. 2.

In the fourth row, there’s a single shoe which means it’s 5. Now the tricky part, a lot of people don’t notice this. The boy’s wearing a whistle in the second row but he’s not wearing a whistle in the third row. Since a boy with a whistle is worth 5, a boy without a whistle is 3 (5-2). 1 whistle is worth 2.

Now don’t forget what your mathematics teacher kept telling you! The BODMAS rule. You multiply first and then add. Apply a simple equation

So, the final equation is 5 + 3 x 2 => 5 + (3 x 2) => 5 + 6 => 11.


  1. This is really dumb. Nobody will notice the boy without the whistle, especially on mobile (smaller) resolution screens.

  2. There is a second correct solution

    The shoes have a value of = 5
    The boy have a value of = 1
    The whistle have a value off = 4

    The first row is self-explanatory
    The second row = 10+5+5
    The third row = 5+4+4
    then the 4 row would be 9 (5+1×4)


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