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OneRepublic Exposes Ryan Tedder’s Inner Ballerina In Wanted’s BTS

OneRepublic, the band behind all hit songs, just released their new track Wanted’s behind the scenes. The original video of this song was released on September 6, 2019. You can see Ryan Tedder dancing to the tunes in a different way. So, Ryan Tedder can sing, write, produce music and dance as well. What was not shown in the original video is his inner ballerina which is revealed in the BTS video shared today.

Ryan Tedder’s Ballet Skills In OneRepublic’s Wanted’s BTS

When Tedder takes responsibility for something, he goes all in. He is fully devoted to the task and the end-result is always amazing. That’s why it is not surprising to see him dancing like a ballerina and showing his ballet skills in the behind-the-scenes of Wanted video. The video starts off with the confirmation that it was shot in LA on July 24, 2019. You can see cameraman, his crew members and Ryan Teddar shooting the initial lyrics of the song. The next shows Ryan Teddar explaining his idea of the video. In fact, he is singing and dancing while explaining the video idea to the crew members. Though the shot is only for a few seconds, watching Ryan Tedder doing the ballet is a must-watch.

The Band’s Outfits & Secret Location

Though the video is shot in LA, however, exact location remains a secret. It appears to be a huge hall covered with a tarpaulin with only a few spots allowing light to enter. (Just guessing..don’t know the truth 😀 ). In fact, the place is so huge you cannot guess where it starts and where it ends.

Apart from Ryan Tedder, other band members of OneRepublic are shown in the dressing room. They are teasing the cameraman (who is probably Ryan Tedder because he cannot be seen anywhere). Apparently, plan A for dress code involved tutu dresses for the band. However, they selected plan B and recorded the Wanted video in professional attire. You can see the BTS below.

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