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One Direction Reunion in 2020 Without Zayn Malik

One Direction Reunion in 2020 Without Zayn Malik

One  Direction Reunion expectations

Fans of the band have been waiting enthusiastically since news of a possible reunion broke out. Granted, they do have many expectations from the reunion. There are some odds that there might be a new album within the year. The odds of the band getting back together are 1 to 2. We really do hope it’s more leaning towards the 2 sides.

One of the only expectations the fans had of this reunion was to have Zayn Malik back. But, that’s not likely. Especially since Zayn isn’t exactly on good terms with the rest of the members.

Even the thought of a reunion makes the fans go cray cray for the 1D.

Where some are too excited with every little hitch, other fans are trying to not get their hopes up.