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One Direction Fans Heartbroken after delayed Reunion!

One Direction Fans Heartbroken after delayed Reunion!

After talking a couple of times about how there are talks of a reunion, and all those months of Liam Payne ‘spilling’, he said on the morning of their anniversary that it will happen eventually. All in all, the entire anniversary day was a bit of a let down for one direction fans around the world. And we really can’t blame them. However, after all of that, the fans are heartbroken over the delay in the One Direction Reunion. In their attempt to find details, the entire day they crashed websites of radio channels, and One Direction itself. Sadly, to no avail. Here’s how fans expressed their sadness.

One Direction Fans react to no reunion!

To say that emotions were all over twitter on the 23rd would be an understatement. Fans of the British/Irish Boy Band One Direction seemed to be excited/ heartbroken/ sad/ happy and really every emotion there is. While some fans were expressing their utter sadness, others found themselves making jokes out of their misery.

Meanwhile, there are those who seem to have accepted the fact that there is a very slim chance of them getting back together. These fans are also encouraging others to accept it. For example, this tweet,

unpopular opinion: i don’t think one direction “owes” us a reunion and if they’re happier as solo artists let them be. BUT i do think if they’re going to separate, a goodbye tweet isn’t enough and they should go out with something bigger.

However, there are sentiments of the Directioners that they find hard to put into words. And so, they use GIFs and Pictures.

She says,

1st of all, how dare you. It took me 4 years to find my peace; 4 years of growing up, of finding who I was without you. I learned to root for each of you quietly; sweetly. My heart had healed. But then you do THIS? You get my hopes up, make me wonder, what IF? Have you no PITY?

To conclude, this fan leaves the tiniest message for the One Direction Management and the boys about the reunion;

I’ve already seen it on IG but please don’t say “we’re back” ever again unless you mean a reunion, we are fragile, thanks x

Seriously though, @One Direction, please really don’t!