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One Direction Fans Hating Lizzo Harry Styles

One Direction fans are hating on Lizzo. Harry Styles is why!

#LizzoIsOverParty has just started popping up all over social media. While some may wonder what is happening, others have their minds set on having the ‘Truth Hurts’ singer become history. The hashtag has trended in some areas of the United States already and it’s all the doing of One Direction fans. The band’s stans are always a step or four ahead with their skills to break the internet. A recent instance was of the rumored One Direction Reunion on their 10th anniversary. However, this time particularly, it’s about Harry Styles as a supposedly inappropriate video of Lizzo resurfaced from her TikTok. Both the singers have yet to make any comments about the video themselves but here is what fans think.

Harry Styles fans Cancel Lizzo for her ‘compromising’ video.

With all the curiosity, you must want to know what this whole video situation is about. Lizzo
(Melissa Viviane Jefferson) has an old video of herself licking a lollipop while watching a Harry
Styles video. Fans take the video as something that ‘se*ualizes’ the Fine Line Singer and
compromises his public image. Here is what this one fan feels.

Textbook se*ual harassment. Imagine if a guy said these things, you Twitter warriors would be in an uproar.

So, before this turns into a feminist debate, let’s make it clear that Lizzo and Harry Styles are
friends. The two performed at the Brit Awards 2020 earlier this year where the female vocalist joked about being with the One Direction Star.

However, putting the whole predator label on Lizzo could turn out really ugly. The woman is known for her open se*uality and she prides herself in helping the cause of liberation.

It is no secret that One Direction fans have got a soft spot for their Hizzo ship. But, with the current situation, we’re not too sure about what the two expect out of a relationship with each other. Well, at least not for a while as we haven’t heard of the two having any meetings lately.

The whole scenario is pretty messed up. However, there were also fans who have shown their support for Lizzo defending her with the fact that the two are friends. Fans came to cover the beauty with comments such as:

If Harry (Styles) had a problem with Lizzo he would have stopped being friends with her. You misogynistic directioners just want another excuse to cancel a successful woman.
Stay mad, Lizzo is beautiful. #LizzoIsOverParty.

In a turn of events, now most people are also changing their mind about the whole situation. One fan shared a clip of both of them performing together with the caption ‘Harry loves her, get over it’. Both the singers’ fans are speculating whether or not they overreacted. Although it is highly unlikely that we will get direct comments from the two, stay tuned to find out what happens beyond this.

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