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One Direction Fans cancel iHeartRadio on Twitter

One Direction Fans cancel iHeartRadio on Twitter

One Direction Fans have surely shown over the last two days that even though the band may not be active right now, they are still a force to reckon. Just as every year, on the 23rd of July Directioners from around the world await the band’s features across the internet. The iHeartRadio had a countdown happening to the anniversary. They were set to release some ‘never seen before’ footage from the boys. However, that did not happen. In actuality, the video was just a 1:41 minute compilation of old content. And fans, who followed the countdown religiously, were utterly disappointed.

One Direction Fans cancel iHeartRadio after ‘scam’ video?!

One Direction Fans had so many expectations for the 10th Anniversary of their favorite band. However, during the day they were all crushed one after another. Fans encourage each other to trend ‘iHeartRadioisCancelledParty.

Fans use GIFs to express how they felt.

And so, Other fans took to making fun of how they use excessive filters that are such a lame 10-year-old trend.

You can always count on these fans to find One Direction clips to fit every situation. And we’re not complaining cause who doesn’t love a little of Harry Styles and Niall Horan?

Some Directioners even bring in Kris Jenner and her infamous keyboard meme to show how very disappointed they feel.

Ooh, Gabbie Hanna gets added to the mix!

The fans talk about how they are a joke to the world. And so, they use the clown meme to express their emotions.

We particularly liked this one;

Harold had never seen such b******* before

iHeartRadio releases a statement to explain the video.

As they apologize, fans are not so eager to forgive them. Some fans continue to tweet against the station. Meanwhile, others get over it all as the day was one with more official disappointment than this. So, One Direction fans sure know how to create a situation but honestly though, after that long a wait, who wouldn’t?

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