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One Direction fans break the Internet - Happy 1D Day!

One Direction fans break the Internet – Happy 1D Day!

For the last 10 years, the 23rd of July is a day celebrated by fans of the British-Irish Boy Band One Direction as their anniversary. And while the day usually brings a lot of excitement and a rush of emotions, this year, all of it is over the moon. The boy band, now a man band, has its members getting together for a reunion! And dare we word it, it’s the highlight of the year. Almost 5 years ago, One Direction band members, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan decided to go on a break leaving directioners around the world, heartbroken. However, one post from the official page and Directioners broke the Internet!

One Direction fans make almost 3 million tweets in 18 hours.

Fans of the band needed not more than one indication for them to get back on the internet and prove themselves as the ‘best fandom ever’. Illustrating their emotions via memes, GIFs, and words, the One Direction fans are really enthusiastic about the anniversary! They are celebrating in all sorts of ways. Just take this fan, for example, they made cupcakes and organized a two-day sleepover for fellow fans!

Some are celebrating by themselves and their One Direction Playlists!

Other Directioners are pointing out all the good things happening on this One Direction day!

Some are even pointing out to others to let everyone celebrate!

guess what? today and tomorrow is for one direction stans. you joined 5 months ago? Ok. You joined 10 years ago? Ok. You joined 10 hours ago? Ok. The amount of time you have been a stan does not matter at all. let’s all enjoy the day and not gatekeep!

One Direction fans are going all out to celebrate 10 years of their favorite boyband. There are those calling it a national holiday. And these are other celebrities who stan One Direction.

Meanwhile, there are some stans who do not want to get their hopes too high by relying on the Reunion talks and so, they have formed an alternate plan,

So, while fans around the world celebrate the day, we wish them a Happy One Direction day!