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Ondreaz Lopez returns to TikTok with no consequences?

Ondreaz Lopez returns to TikTok with no consequences?

Yes, guys, you heard it right. Ondreaz Lopez just returned to his TikTok account and posted a dance video with little brother Tony Lopez. Now some people must be wondering how is that a piece of news because both the Lopez Brothers are usually very active on TikTok. But some of you might not know that Ondreaz went MIA back in September 2020 when he was facing some serious se*ual harassment allegations. Which he later tried to clarify on Instagram posts.

In a couple of weeks, everything switched back to normal. And sparks of love started to bloom between Ondreaz and famous YouTuber Hannah Stocking. They both almost spent four to five months together. But then sadly their relationship came to an end. Because Ondreaz was accused of sex*ual misconduct with a minor.

All the accusations were made from a TikTok account that was claiming to be the victim’s close friend. Though the account can no longer be found on TikTok. But some of the information from this account is still available on Instagram TikTokroom. Def Noodles also shared a picture of the document in which Ondreaz is accused of se*xual misconduct with a minor.

Ondreaz Lopez returns to TikTok without addressing the allegations properly

Now some of you might not be aware of the fact that Ondreaz’s little brother Tony has been receiving a lot of backlash on his social media. There are days when he completely ignores that backlash. And then there are days when he talks about forgiveness and how mental health is important.

And Ondreaz just started following his little brother’s footsteps as he talks a lot about forgiveness on his Instagram stories. He also shares a lot of quotes about how Jesus is very forgiving and how society needs to learn from that.

Ondreaz also made a comeback on his TikTok account after almost 2 months. Here is a video of him dancing with little brother Tony Lopez on Don Toliver’s song No Idea.


♬ original sound – Blue Nightmare

Now a lot of fans are really happy to see Ondreaz back in the game. But some of them are really confused and asking Ondreaz to make a detailed apology video. Because they want to hear his side of the story. Oh, and it’s still unclear why Hannah and Ondreaz broke up and never talked about it publicly.