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Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart Leaves Ryan Reynolds And Other Celebs In Awe

Olivia Wilde grows from a guest voice actress on Netflix knockout animated comedy, BoJack Horseman, to a powerful filmmaker in her directional debut, Booksmart. Wilde’s coming-of-the-age-comedy is a lot of things. It’s a satisfying tale for those who were never really cool at school. It is a triumphant baby-step for all young ambitious female directors aiming big at Hollywood. And a template for future teen-comedies to build upon. Some of Hollywood’s big-wigs including Ryan Reynolds and Aaron Paul are; in fact, even obsessing over the film.

It will be an understatement to say that Booksmart is a revolutionary feature. The film has smartly spun its genre in such a refreshing, raunchy, warm, and sharp way that it has simply redefined the very existence of teen-comedies. Celebrities, critics and fans are in awe of Wilde’s Booksmart alike. They are pouring in praises for the movie’s sense of inclusion, power-packed performances, and progressive humour.

Check out their reactions.

Ryan Reynolds Loves The Olivia Wilde Movie

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is also obsessing over Booksmart. He even insists that people should “run, not walk”, to watch the Olivia Wilde passion project.

Lili Reinhart, Monica Lewinsky, and Gloria Calderon Kellett

Besides film stars and executives, TV stars have also been smitten by the film’s warmth. Riverdale star Lili Reinhart particularly is a big fan of Olivia Wilde’s work. She has; in truth, penned down praise for Wilde and her efforts to amplify representation of women in films.

American activist, Monica Lewinsky calls Olivia Wilde flawless. The TV personality additionally proclaims that Wilde is one of the best directors of her time.  Lisa Kudrow Booksmart movie

One Day At A Time showrunner, Gloria Calderon Kellett feels that Booksmart is a delightful watch. As a matter of fact, Kellett wants more movies like the Olivia Wilde feature.

Aaron Paul Calls Booksmart An Instant Classic

Breaking Bad and Westworld actor Aaron Paul too is a Booksmart fan. The artist calls the movie ‘an instant classic’. Which indeed holds true as movie stars Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein have carved a niche of perfection with their iconic comic timing.

Jon Cryer And Mindy Kaling Have Watched Booksmart Twice

Mindy Kaling understands that Booksmart has everything she has ever asked for in a movie. To Kaling, Booksmart is poignant. It is; in fact, so touching that she’s seen it in theatres twice.

Two And A Half Men star John Cryer has followed the footsteps of Kaling by watching the movie twice in the same week. The actor has even found his favourite film moment in the ‘****ing great’ movie.  Lisa Kudrow Booksmart film