OfflineTV Removes Fed After Sexual Assault Allegation Surfaces

OfflineTV Removes Fed After Sexual Assault Allegation Surfaces

Sexual assault and harassment allegations are coming in like wildfire as more and more people are coming forward with their stories. This time, OfflineTV’s very own house has been found in disorder as team members Yvonne, Pokimane and LilyPichu accuse Fedmyster. AKA Fed, the OfflineTV member has allegedly sexually assaulted his female team members. Fed did not talk much about the specific incidents, however, he did accept and apologize that there were a few instances of discomfort. Now, OfflineTV has removed him from the team after Yvonne and LilyPichu came out with their stories.

Yvonne And LilyPichu Talk About Fed From OfflineTV

OfflineTV released their announcement in a quote against Yvonne’s sexual assault incident.

Check out her story here:

OfflineTV later posted a statement in which they announced the removal of Fed from the team immediately.

After this, even LilyPichu posted her story, but she deleted it soon afterward. Both of the tweets related to Fed coming into their rooms drunk, and lying on their beds next to them. He would inappropriately touch them without consent. Yvonne, added further that not even Pokimane was safe from Fed’s actions as she faced the same issue as well.

Although OfflineTV’s Fed did not respond specifically about the events written in Yvonne’s and Lilypichu’s tweets, he did confirm that there were moments of discomfort. He apologized and even said that he was off from the Internet because of what he had done. The content creator further added that he never meant to act maliciously.

“I want to start off this statement by apologizing for my absence the past few days. Earlier this week, some of my friends sat me down and expressed that I had on several occasions made them feel uncomfortable or uneasy.”

“In light of recent events, this pained me greatly as it was not and has never been my intention to hurt those closest to me. I fully understand the importance of having their voices heard, and I believe I should take a step back, give them space and listen to their story.”

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