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“I’m not a Carter”: Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter claims

Nick Carter, an American singer, and songwriter who got famous largely from the hit pop music band, The Backstreet Boys, has a revelation. And it’s an interesting one because Nick Carter, brother of Aaron Carter, claims they may not be Carters after all.

Nick Carter shares his family history

Just some time ago, the ‘Carter’ family was airing their dirty laundry in public when Nick Carter and brother Aaron Carter had a spat on Twitter. Nick shared that the family had even issued a restraining order on Aaron.

However, the latest news is about the family Carter’s name itself.

According to the pop singer, he is not sure of his actual roots and is currently on the search to find out. Nick Carter took to social media to share the news with his fans. In fact, he even shared the never-known before the inside story to it.

In a long detailed post on Instagram, Nick shared the cause of this confusion and curiosity. He stated that his father was actually adopted by a man with the last name, Carter. His father never knew his dad or his actual name.

According to Nick, his whole life has been a search for his blood name. And he has gone through a lot of work to find it.

Using different DNA websites and available companies for more information, he scoured endlessly to find out who his real ancestors may have been.

A miracle happened

In Nick Carter’s words, “then, one day a miracle happened.” He found out his dad’s long-lost half-brother and a close cousin. Even his dad had never known about him.

Now the entire story is still not known. And we still don’t know if that close cousin may actually be someone important in his bloodline.

The story is still unfolding as per Nick Carter, but he wanted to share his journey with his fans.

I wanted to give you a little peak at this journey of mine because it’s still unfolding.

However, he made one thing explicitly clear and said it too

But the truth is that I am not a Carter

He ended the post with a so-called ‘hint’ leaving everyone baffled.

The only clue I can give you is this. “I’m gonna go watch #thegodfather


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