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Normal People On BBC Three Leaves The Outlander Cast Mesmerized

Normal People On BBC Three Leaves The Outlander Cast Mesmerized

Normal People, the small-screen rendition of Sally Rooney’s novel about the year-long relationship between two naive characters has faithfully adapted its source material and the experience of adolescence. The lovely series, which features Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal in the lead roles is a co-production between British television network ‘BBC‘ and American streaming service Hulu.

BBC Three's Normal People
©BBC Three, HULU

While the show premiered on Hulu today, it had rolled out its boxset of episodes on BBC Three on 26th April. Opening to universal claim, Normal People quickly impressed masses in Europe, including stars of the historical drama ‘Outlander‘. Actors Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, and Steven Cree have all been smitten by ‘Normal People’. And they are binge-watching the romantic drama during the lockdown.

BBC Show Has Outlander Season 5 Actors Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, And Steven Cree Hooked

In a recent tweet, Outlander Season 5 star Caitriona Balfe proclaimed her love for the Element Pictures series. When the Virgin Media internet started acting up, she unabashedly called upon the telecommunications company to fix the issue because she wanted to watch more episodes of Normal People.

While interacting with her fans in the comments, Caitriona Balfe said the show was ‘soooo good‘ and that it left her in ‘bits’. In fact, the Outlander actress also recommended the show to film director Metin Hüseyin in a tweet.

Shortly afterward, the actress tweeted about the show again. Replying to her was co-actor Steven Cree, who confessed that he was currently on the 8th episode of the show.

When Gary Lamont, another actor from the show asked if he should read the book first, Cree (A Discovery of Witches) replied that he didn’t. Outlander’s lead actor, Sam Heughan also liked Caitriona Balfe’s tweet. It appears that the elegant narrative of Normal People. is offering the Outlander cast a break after their experience with. trolls, an issue that Sam Heughan opened up about on social media.

Normal People On BBC And Hulu

All episodes of the Sally Rooney-Alie Birch drama are now available to stream on BBC Three and Hulu. Simultaneously, BBC One and RTÉ One are also airing new episodes of the show on TV. Aside from Jones and Mescal, the show also stars Sarah Greene, Aislín McGuckin, Fionn O’Shea, Leah McNamara, Seán Doyle, and Kwaku Fortune.