Noah Beck is trending on Twitter for joking about dating underage girls & more

Noah Beck joined the famous Sway House a few weeks ago, and yet he was always the non-controversial boy. His “non-controversial” nature allegedly turned into controversial after he started living with Bryce Hall and the boys. Now it seems like Noah is getting cancelled every day, every time for a new reason. He is seen with Dixie D’Amelio a lot, even his family visited Dixie at her house. Next thing we know, #NoahBeckisoverparty starts trending on Twitter because he joked about dating underage girls. He also liked some controversial tweets.

Noah Beck is getting controversial

Things just keep getting messier for the Sway Boys. While there are rumors that Blake Gray and Bryce Hall might get arrested for throwing parties. Noah is getting cancelled for his actions. Every day, we get to see a new side of him followed by a new apology.

In fact, at this rate you can already guess what time he will issue his apology now. A couple of days ago, he uploaded a TikTok and then deleted it after he received a backlash. In the TikTok, he was with 50 people at least, including children. And he had no mask on himself.

A few persons came forward with receipts that Noah Beck lied about his scholarships. If he had a scholarship then why he gave it up to join Sway House.

This TikTok backfired where he said he was trying to act like a girl, not mocking feminine guys. Thing is, people on the internet are saying if that’s the case then he is mocking girls then. And that still does not make things any better.

….Is Over Party?

A clip from his LIVE is trending on Twitter with the hashtag #NoahBeckisoverparty. The reason is that Noah was heard making jokes about dating underage girls. Someone asked him if he’d date a 12-year-old, and he said “12 is too old”.

Here is a thread of some receipts compiled by a Twitter account, Ryan @dazedhackers:

Fans are not liking what they see:

He is also being accused of liking homophobic content:

Do you think Noah Beck should be cancelled? 2020 has seen many cancellations already. And if he gets cancelled, we wouldn’t be surprised. These days, people are looking at different things they can use to cancel famous stars and celebrities.

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