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Nina Dobrev Sheds Light on COVID-19 with friend Erica Barstein

Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev recently received some heartbreaking news. A friend of hers, Erica Barstein, was recently tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). While the entire world is panicking about the situation at hand, one can only imagine how those who are actually infected may feel. So, being completely isolated and sick must be hard. And so it is for the fictional Elena Gilbert’s real-life close friend. However, the two decided that instead of being depressed about it, they used it to raise awareness for the others.

Nina Dobrev and Erica Barstein are raising COVID-19 Awareness

So, as Nina Dobrev puts it in the caption, they did a live stream talking about what happens in Coronavirus and how you feel. Erica Barstein has been isolated for over 2 weeks now. She tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) and since then, the woman is pretty down. Times are hard. But other than reporting the cases, we may not even be able to fathom what those infected must be feeling right now. According to Nina Dobrev, she and her friend want everyone to know what really happens to a COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) patient.

Hey guys. This is my friend @ericabarstein. Erica is in her 20’s and she’s getting hit hard. She tested positive for COVID 19 last week. She is in the middle of a really tough time but the good news is she’s staying strong.
In an effort to educate others, and help shed light on what to expect should you also feel symptoms,.

In the stream, we find out just how much the virus affects you. Nina Dobrev talks to Erica Barstein about her fever, how her body is feeling and just the general morale. It is very hard to be in such a circumstance. Erica Barstein has had a constant fever for over a week, the body aches and all her senses are pretty much gone. As she puts it, she has lost her sense of smell and taste.

P.S If you missed it, Nina’s friend Erica put a video in her Instagram story highlights to tell you about the Coronavirus. Stay Aware, stay indoors, stay safe! Nina Dobrev Sheds Light on COVID-19 with friend Erica Barstein