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Nina Dobrev shares throwback pictures from before Quarantine

Nina Dobrev shares throwback pictures from before Quarantine

The Vampire Diaries follows the story of two vampire brothers in love with the same girl. Nina Dobrev is most famous for playing Elena Gilbert who is stuck between the hot and hunky Salvatore Brothers. The actress of Bulgarian descent is very adventurous as it is. Over the years, she has spent her days traveling and trying new things every once in a while. She is always open to good travel and an aesthetic location. Since Quarantine can get pretty boring at the best of time and we have yet to come even remotely close to finding an end to the COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) Pandemic, the best we can do is reminisce about times we have had before. Nina Dobrev is now posting throwback pictures to shares all the experiences she has had before Quarantine.

Nina Dobrev shares Quarantine throwbacks from a private penguin beach

As we remember all the things we did before this pandemic, some of the little things come to mind. Similarly for Run This Town star Nina Dobrev, she remembers old times while posting an Instagram picture with Penguins. It looks so adorable how they are matching. In the Penguins’ defense, they were caught off guard by Nina’s bathing suit too.

She also posts a vlog type video of her adventure through the Private beach that has penguins on it. How adorable? Nina Dobrev looks happy as a 5-year-old with candy crawling in the sand and we totally get why she misses this time in Quarantine.

In her latest post, she recommends you take a Quaran-trip. She has supposedly been through Nevada, Utah, and Arizona in the last week or two. We doubt she is traveling actually alone but, more on that when we actually have more on that. Are you sharing throwbacks in Quarantine like Nina Dobrev?