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Nina Dobrev Reunites With Vampire Diaries Cast

Nina Dobrev has reunited with the Vampire Diaries cast to celebrate Kevin Williamson's birthday but the actress won't be appearing on the spinoff.

G etting the Vampire Diaries cast to come together has always been a dream. And looks like there was a mini reunion. The popular actress Nina Dobrev has uploaded an Instagram picture with Paul Wesley and Kevin Williamson. And really, could there be a better treat? But although Nina reunited with some cast members, doesn’t mean that we get to see the actress on the upcoming spinoff Legacies.

Nina Dobrev Celebrates Kevin Williamson’s Birthday With Vampire Diaries Cast

Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley from the popular TV series Vampire Diaries came together to celebrate the birthday of Kevin Williamson. Williamson was the executive producer and writer on the show which aired from 2009 to 2017. She uploaded a picture from the reunion with Wesley and Williamson adding in the caption that they were celebrating the gem of all gems. And then she wished Williamson a happy birthday.

Although seeing these three together is great news, fans can’t help but wish that Ian Somerhalder was there too. But still, the comments section immediately exploded with fans expressing how much they missed Vampire Diaries. And how great the cast was together.

Vampire Diaries Spinoff ‘Legacies’ Might Not Have Nina Dobrev

Ever since the Vampire Diaries spinoff Legacies hit television in October last year, fans are hoping that they get to see Nina back soon too. But looks like that may not happen in a very long time. Apparently, she revealed in an interview that she has a full-time job. And can not say for sure if she’ll be able to manage being on the spinoff. But the actress was still excited to see what the show would develop into. And she even added how a spinoff after spinoff was a good thing since people loved Vampire Diaries so much.

But well, the great thing is that we still get to see Nina on television. She is starring on the CBS comedy Fam. 

Nina Dobrev is a Canadian actress who rose to prominence with her first acting role as Mia Jones in the drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation. Other works include Vampire Diaries, Fam, and Let’s Be Cops.