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Nina Dobrev Reunion With Vampire Diaries Cast on New Year's Eve

Nina Dobrev Reunion With Vampire Diaries Cast on New Year’s Eve

Nina Dobrev joined together with Candice Accola King and Kayla Ewell to start this new year. The three divas starred alongside one another in The Vampire Diaries. Their roles being Elena Gilbert, Caroline Forbes, and Vicki Donovan, respectively. Vampire Diaries is a beloved supernatural show that ran on CW for 8 years. The show ended in 2017 but, fans have yet to let go off the brilliant series. So, it is only understandable that fans loved seeing the 3 stars together.

Nina Dobrev, Candice King and Kayla Ewell on the New Year’s Party

The actresses came together at the Grand Opening of the Bellagio’s Supper Club; The Mayfair, Las Vegas. Girls just wanted to have fun as they were accompanied by Candice’s husband Joe King and Kayla’s Husband, Tanner Novlan. The party was filled with celebrities like Leona Lewis. However, Nina Dobrev was alone all night.

The girls, Including Dobrev, posted so many pictures of their night together and we loved them! This one posted by Nina Dobrev herself was something you have to see!

While Dobrev started the new year dedicating the night to her girlfriends, Candice and Kayla posted pictures getting cute and comfy with their spouses.

Candice and Joe are adorable! Even cuter, is their daughter, Florence May King.

Kayla also took the minute to post the most adorable picture with her other half. (Picture credits, Nina Dobrev)

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