Nikocado Avocado Turns Trisha Paytas’s Couch Into A Commode For Real

You know when you are following a YouTube Channel or a show very strictly and after a couple of months, the realization hits you that the writers have been basically feeding you the exact amount of crap with tiny little differences. well NIKOCADO AVOCADO is back at it again and this time it was a little different from his usual videos, titled as “I am sorry to Trisha Paytas. McDonald’s. MUKBANG.”

The video was posted two days before and has earned over 96K views. (Just wondering Trisha Paytas is one of them or not).

Some of us still don’t know the story about what happened a year ago with Nikocado Avocado and Trisha Paytas ———–. Like we know the Social Media Version of it. Oh, and we are also unsure what is Nikocado trying to do on his MUKBANG YouTube channel he has created. He is desperately in need of getting views. Or maybe he has to pay for the sewage cleaning service.

Nikocado Avocado & Trisha Paytas | Two Peas In A Pod?

Nikocado and Trisha Paytas started 2019 with a feud. Nick was a huge fan of Trisha and he even entered one of her Contests. Following this, Trisha offered him to collab. But turns out that she ghosted him later and stopped contact with him. The whole incident started hurting Trisha Paytas’s followership as she was already in the mud after David Dobrik’s feud & breakup with Jason Nash.

However, towards the end, they became good friends. Both Nikocado Avocado and Trisha Paytas have collaborated multiple times now. Trish even led him to start an Onlyfans account of his own. And let’s just not talk about it.

Nikocado has also been one of the guests who have appeared on Trisha’s The Dish with Trish podcast. And this incident, this particular incident, happened the same day.

The Brief Background Story Before S*** Hit The Fan, Or Couch In This Case

Many know this man, Nikocado Avocado, for consciously creating “Drama”. As we know, some people take years to change their habits but in Nikocado Avocado’s case, he is not changing his habits for the sake of views apparently. Which makes sense when you think about it. Otherwise, how is he supposed to make money just through Mukbangs? His fans love him for his humor. But the humor can get filthy sometimes. This is one of those times.

Let’s just jump to the video which he has recently uploaded on his YouTube account. He mentions in his video:

“I have seen her videos recently where she is saying that she is quitting YouTube. She is done.”

It’s so sad that she fails to get the desired attention every single time. Trisha tries to stir up drama but says nobody actually cares. And she is undoubtedly not leaving YouTube anytime soon even though she says she is quitting it. (she might leave it a decade later). That’s what her fans believe as she recently posted a video on her YouTube channel. Anyways, Nikocado Avocado thought it was a perfect opportunity to jump back on the drama train and try to get his channel back in gear because allegedly that’s the only thing he is good at. Eat food and creating drama.

I know this sounds like a drama video. it’s not. I am not exposing her or I mean there is a little.

Guys, please focus, it’s not a drama video but surely a lot of drama is going to be seen.

McDonald’s Mukbang With The King Of Mukbang

One thing is for sure. After watching this video, I am never going to eat anything McDonald-y featured in the video. So, while taking out the McDouble from the paper bag, Nikocado Avocado pretends that he has accidentally cut his nose with the paper bag.

Do you even believe it? You shouldn’t if you have been blessed to watch some of his videos. Content like this keeps all of his YouTube channels running. And we are here for it. I mean can you even believe the height of drama Nick can create?

Nikocado admits:

out of her (Trisha) whole career, my videos hurt her the hardest..more than anyone else”

Nikocado also advised the people:

“when you do Mukbangs, you have to be hungry for the food. Unless you are nervous and then you don’t eat your food. You have to be kind of hungry“

Thanks, Sherlock! He complains that he has lost his appetite because Trista is not replying to his messages. And takes a big bite out of the chicken burger. Uhh! who does that?

Nikocado Avocado Takes A Dump On Trisha Paytas’s Couch……..In The Mid Of The Podcast

Now here comes the weird part, Nikocado mentions that he was visiting Trisha Paytas and the two had Fettuccine Alfredo. After that, she said ‘let’s do my podcast’. Avocado says, he remembers his stomach:

feeling kind of pinchy like a little pressure. Like something is going on.

And then he drinks a shot of alcohol to loosen up himself up. I guess we all need a shot of alcohol to loosen ourselves before doing a podcast.

So after the alcohol shot, Nikocado’s stomach started feeling funny. And he felt the sudden need to “FART”. He mentions:

“I am Sitting on this couch, It’s a pink couch. And I thought I should…you know…just relax the digestive tract and just go beep-a little toot” and I felt liquid come out. It was runny”.

Oh dayumm! He is still not done with it.

He further mentions the excretions from the Gastrointestinal tract in a very undisciplined way. That how the semi-liquid was flowing on the teeny tiny road to Jupiter. Somebody, please stop this man from further destruction.

Nikocado says with a completely flat face that:

Oh, There was poop on our couch. And it was not like a lot. It honestly just looks like this barbecue sauce.

So this guy has given me another reason to hate the barbecue sauce a lot more.

What Happened Next?

Nikocado Avocado dips his finger in the barbeque sauce and puts a dot of it on the burger bun (pretending the bun to be the pink couch and barbeque sauce as his gastrointestinal secretions).

In hopes of Trisha Paytas not seeing what he did on the couch, he covered it with a pink pillow. (such a genius)

He further mentions his trip to the bathroom and unstoppable diarrhea from the justice alfredo. But the disgusting TMI is not over yet. He sticks the ruined underwear in his book bag. How disgusting is that? Guess he forgot to mention the part where he washes the underwear with soap and water before putting it in his bookbag. Or he just literally skipped this part. But we are going to imagine washed underwear for our own mental health sake.

Nikocado confirms he had never discussed this incident with Trisha Paytas.

Okay, so you are totally okay with telling millions of people about the disgusting stunt you just pulled out on the couch. But you fail to tell this thing to her in person? *Slow Claps*

Well, we believe just like David Dobrik stealing his DNA, this incident is a Nikocado’s humor version of “how to kill someone’s appetite”. What do you guys think? Will Trisha Paytas respond to this video? Is it really true?

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