Nikocado Avocado Responds To PewDiePie’s Video On Him And Trisha Paytas

When PewDiePie makes a video about you, you better respond. Oh and hopefully in a nice way because he has an army of 96 million followers. A quick summary: PewDiePie made a video about the feud between Trisha Paytas and Nikocado Avocado. Trisha Paytas responded to the video but she did not exactly touched the Nikocado part. (It’s like the guy does not even exist for her anymore. She will not talk about him directly but she posted a link in her “Reaction To PewDiePie-Video Description”. The link takes to another YouTuber defending Trisha against Nikocado. Low Blow!).

However, Nikocado Avocado has responded to the video addressing Trisha Paytas as well. Let’s see what he had to say:

Nikocado Avocado Reacts To PewDiePie

Nikocado says he was out shopping for his garden when he started getting messages that PewDiePie made a video on him.

The biggest YouTuber is talking about me. It’s like….WOW. Good or Bad PewDiePie is the man.

So, at the start of the video he says he is done talking about Trisha Paytas. If PewDiePie had not made this video, Nikocado wouldn’t be talking about Paytas at all. Nik does not talk about anyone’s videos in any of his own video usually. Him talking about Trisha was a rare exception as per him.

This video also focused more on Trisha rather than PewDiePie. He didn’t seem to be offended at PewDiePie’s digs at him, rather he seemed to enjoy them! Nik was laughing at Pewd’s responses because well he is funny.

Nikocado Avocado Calls Trisha Paytas A Circus

Focusing more on Trisha, Nik said Trisha wants everyone to sit there and watch her. And that’s exactly what everyone is doing anyway. The female YouTuber just wants everyone to pity her all the time. Nikocado says that is evident through her actions that she is playing with her viewers and followers. Moving on, Nik explained the whole scenario of his beef with Trisha Paytas.

Coming back again to the feud between, Nik reminded his followers that he never wanted to say anything about Trisha when she ghosted him few years ago. However, he has now found an old video of himself addressing the topic. The video was recorded 7 months after the ghosting incident. And in it, Nik was rather cryptic about what had happened and he didn’t directly spill the tea.

However, Nik’s point was that there are two sides of every story. About Trisha, he implied:

There’s lot more than meet the eyes.

What bothered him the most in the last few months is that she acted like he did not exist. While at the same time she was copying his video titles word to word. He only brought the issue in everyone’s notice after her cameo on his birthday which was paid by Nikocado’s husband Orlin. Though, he is still sorry that he got overexcited years ago when Trisha asked to collab.

I am sorry that i got excited. I was a little naive back then. I’ve learned my lesson.

In the end, he still wishes Trisha Paytas well.

This Is Not The First Video By PewDiePie On Nikocado

Well, PewDiePie really is the man. This is not the first video he made on Nikocado. 5 months back he made a video on YouTubers and the slurpy mukbangs, which also involved Nikocado’s videos. And yes, Nikocado responded to that video the very same day. However, he was not that hurt by it either. He even requested PewDiePie to shoot a mukbang. But knowing Pewds, we do not see that happening.

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