Nikocado Avocado Defends Himself

The latest drama between mukbang YouTubers is not cooling down. Stephanie Soo came out against Nikocado Avocado last week, blaming him for being a manipulator. She also reported some really shady behavior. Well, Nikocado has now defended himself. Let us summarize it all for you.

Nikocado Avocado responds to Stephanie Soo

Nikocado stated that he had a lot to cover in his video. But he started off by mentioning the photograph scandal. He said that there is no excuse to be taking photos of someone’s home without their permission. He then started questioning the act.

Why would you be taking their photos? That’s creepy, that’s stalkerish, are you dangerous, are you gonna break in and steal something; a lamp.. why would you take photos?

He then mentioned how Stephanie had implied that he took pictures behind her back which made her question her safety and peace of mind.

According to Nik, this is all 100% a lie and he has categorically denied it.

He then claimed that as soon as he entered the house, Stephanie had given him an entire house tour without him asking. Proceeding to add a shot he had captured of the room, with her in it, watching him- he said she had clearly allowed him to photograph.

Stephanie, you painted the stage for your viewers that you had no idea I was taking photos and that was the reason you’re questioning their safety. That’s the only thing you supposedly had on me.

On Veronica Wang and other allegations

There was also a response to Stephanie Soo saying that Nikocado is pressuring her to talk about Veronica. He mentioned Soo’s claims about not wanting to talk about Veronica and having no reason to.

He called this a lie too.

She wants her viewers to think she’d never take part in a discussion about Veronica.

Well, she forgot to mention in her text messages that she asked us- me and Zac to take part in a multi-video documentary about Veronica Wang, ‘Shane Dawson’ style.

He continued to share the screenshots of the messages where she had shared the idea.

Again, he denied that he was the one pressurizing Soo to talk about any past drama.

It was Stephanie Soo going on, and on, and on, and on, and on and on and on and on about the stuff between her and Veronica.

I didn’t even ask her. Zac did’t ask her. She was…..boom…. vomiting it out.

Nikocado Avocado continued to explain that Stephanie was blowing everything out of proportion. He said she had turned this into an anti-bullying campaign which was never needed.

Throughout the video, Nikocado defended himself and completely denied all the accusations made against him. Seems like there is no apology on the way for Stephanie Soo.

Let’s see how the drama continues to unfolds or finally settle. We will be updating you.

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