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Nikocado Avocado Claims David Dobrik Stole From Him

In another nerve-wracking, headache-inducing Mukbang, Nikocado Avocado is back with the craziest lie ever. Nikocado Avocado, original name Nicholas Perry, is famous for his breakdowns, Mukbangs, more Mukbangs, and association with Trisha Paytas after a feud. He is also famous for his controversies. Some would say he took a leaf out of Gabbie Hanna’s book, to stay controversial and gain as many views as possible. (no offense Gabbie). After the whole Stephanie SooZach Choi feud, we thought Nikocado will take a break. But he did not. Instead, said he’s divorced, he’s quitting YouTube, and amidst it all, he is still uploading ton loads of videos on his YouTube channels. One of these recent videos is pretty interesting and still annoying. Nikocado Avocado claims that David Dobrik stole from him. Are you for real Nik?

David Dobrik Stole ‘What’ From Nikocado Avocado?

When I read the title of the video, I was shocked to see how can Nik claim something like that. David Dobrik does not need to steal from anyone. He has enough money and sponsors to last his whole life, even after he gets married and has kids.

So what is it exactly that he stole from Nikocado Avocado? An Avocado? His takeaway bag? Mukbang tray? What is it?

You’ll be surprised to see the answer to all of these question marks.

Doing every single thing for clout; Nikocado Avocado claims:

That was supposed to be me.

Hah! surprise…

Is it a coincidence he looks like me?

If you’re thinking that he is insane, wait till you see what he said next:

David, people say all the time that we look very similar.

My favorite part:

He stole my DNA!

There you go! that’s the answer to everything for now. David Dobrik stole Nikocado Avocado’s DNA.

He stole my chromosomes. He stole my DNA. It’s David Dobrik’s fault. And he stole my chance. He stole my future, he stole my identity. He stole my past and my present.

Chance of what? Running the Vlog Squad?

What caused him to do this?

Jeez! Anyways, after having a Panda Express Mukbang, Nikocado said:

I’ll make a cute David Dobrik…..[pause]……wannabe!

If you are wondering how Nikocado Avocado ended up blaming David Dobrik, the answer is Fortune Cookies. Nik received some fortune cookies with his Panda Express food. One of them said:

I was going to be rich, famous, cute, attractive, loved, so FAMOUS!

I bet half of them were added by himself. In the same video, he also disrespected Kobe Bryant. He tries to be funny at inappropriate times, and we know the whole video was a joke but Kobe Bryant’s death is no joke.

We hope he is serious about quitting YouTube for a while.

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