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NikkieTutorials Teams up with Beauty Bay to create makeup palette

NikkieTutorials Teams up with Beauty Bay to create makeup palette

OMG! 2020 is getting better as NikkieTutorials just announced her collaboration with Beauty Bay for a super pigmented eyeshadow palette. Dayum! I was already having a hard time getting over Jeffree Star’s OR*Y and Kylie Jenner’s Sailor Summer eyeshade palette. Now, Nikkie has announced her collab palette with Beauty Bay. And I cannot decide which one I want the most.

Nikkietutorials talks about her fears regarding Beauty Bay collab

Some of you might not know this thing but Nikkie has preciously collaborated with Too Faced, Maybelline, and Oprah. Nikkie’s collab with Beauty Bay was supposed to launch somewhere in January. But it was delayed because of Nikkie’s coming out as a transgender.

“In those days and weeks, even months after coming out, everything I said made me insecure. It made me question myself. As everything I said became news. Even if I farted, people would write about it.”

Some of you might not know Nikkie and her boyfriend were robbed in their home recently. Which put them in a very sensitive mental space.

NikkieTutorials further added that she was once again scared of how people are going to react to her new collaboration reveal. As she never wants her fans to think that she is revealing the collaboration palette just for the sake of publicity.

“The amazing team that I worked with for this project is beauty bay and they assured me I could take as much time as I wanted.”

Nikkie talks about her past eyeshadow palette collaboration

As we all know Nikkie collaborated for an eyeshadow palette with “Too Faced’ in 2016:

“When this palette ordeal happened with the last brand (too faced), it almost cost me my career. People lost their faith in me. People didn’t want to believe a word I said anymore.”

We totally understand Nikkie’s concerns. It must be really hard for her to go through all the negativity people were throwing her way.

NikkieTutorials further adds that she accepted the collaboration with Beauty Bay because of MMM Mitchell. Nikkie loved his collaboration with Beauty Bay. And here is a look of the palette for you all. Sadly, it’s out of stock.

MMM Mitchell x Beauty Bay
Beauty Bay

So Nikkie accepted the collaboration proposal because she tested the formula of the eyeshades and loved it so much. One of the beautiful things about this collaboration palette is that it comes with a mini card that has all the eyeshades names printed on it.

Card with names
Beauty Bay

And it also has tiny images of the brushes. So if you need good results, you should apply the eye shadows with the preferred brushes only.

Let’s dive into the Beauty Bay x Nikkietutorials palette

So there are two sides to the palette. One has the brighter tones and the other has darker tones. You can also guess it from the cover of the pressed eyeshadow palette.

2 sides of the palette
Beauty Bay

The special part about this pressed pigment eyeshadow palette is that it has one normal mirror and one magnifying mirror. And I am just loving all the matte and shimmery tones.

So if you have weak eyesight like me, use the magnifying glass to blend the eyeshades perfectly.

Nikkie x Beauty Bay
Beauty Bay

Nikkie will also be uploading a very detailed tutorial of the Beauty Bay x Nikkie palette. So we will just have to wait for a little more to see that.

Let me count, okay so this limited edition palette consists of 20 kicka*s eyeshades with kicka*s names.

Eyeshadow names
Beauty Bay

Ivy, Slasher, 5 am, Mila, All In, and Underground are my favorites.

“On the center, the heart of the palette is Mikai named after my little brother. Who I lost a couple of years ago and he needed to be here. And Pride, which is a pink and blue duo-chrome inspired by the trans flag.”

Each and every single color of this eyeshadow palette has a story behind it. So you will have to watch the video till in the end.

Nikkietutorials Palette

One more thing, Nikkie has shared a very basic and useful tip to test the eyeshadow. You have to prime your eyes with an eye primer then put some foundation on it. Blend it well and then test the eyeshades on the eyes.

“Shades need to look good on the eyes, not on the hands. So if anyone buys this palette and is like Instagram storying it up. And be like OMG Plot Twist is trash. On the hand, I agree, it’s trash. But try it on your eyes.”

Some perks of buying the limited edition Nikkietutorials x Beauty Bay Palette

So you will get a free pop socket for your mobile phones if you buy the palette from the first drop. And 50 golden tickets will be given to 50 lucky people for a virtual + private master class with NikkieTutorials.

Lastly, a hundred palettes are signed by Nikkie herself as a thank you gesture for trusting and buying the palette. The palette will only be available on Beauty Bay’s website on 31st August for purchase.

One more thing, the price of the pressed eyeshadow palette is $30 only. Anyways, that’s it for today guys. Nikkie’s will post a follow-up tutorial in which she will create different eye looks using the Nikkietutorials x Beauty Bay palette.

Let’s just send lots of best wishes to Nikkie for this new collab.

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